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Connected Campus

Seamlessly connect your MicroMarket, OCS, vending and dining products with one Global Market Account (GMA) to create the first fully integrated consumer experience in the workplace!

Connected Campus can increase your reach to customers by taking full advantage of the entire 365 Ecosystem including:

  • MicroMarkets
  • NanoMarket™
  • 365Beacon
  • 365Inside
  • AV5 and AV7
  • ReadyTouch
  • 365Pay App
  • 365Sidecar


Providing customers around the world an easy way to snack, so they can quickly get back to what matters!

Your clients will enjoy the convenience of a single stored value account (Global Market Account) that works seamlessly in MicroMarkets, Vending, and Dining.

The 365Pay app gives your customers the ability to: 

  • Add funds

  • View purchase history

  • Pay across multiple locations

  • Manage account

*Available in select countries 


Fresh food, healthy snacks, meals, and beverages just like you would find at a store!
Our innovative and automated technology is the heart of your MicroMarket and allows customers around the world to easily check-out and enjoy fresh and healthy snacks and meals at work. The 365 kiosk is just one of our state-of-the-art points-of-sale that offers your clients and consumers a stress-free purchasing experience.





The Gen3 Kiosk is the workhouse of the modern day MicroMarket. A stylish, purpose-built appliance that offers best-in-class self-checkout technology with incredible uptime. You can find this international bestselling kiosk in a variety of different types of businesses and you’ll enjoy it’s 19″ Portrait Touchscreen, End to End Encrypted NFC Credit Card Reader, 2D Barcode Scanner and more!

365’s award-winning Gen3c Kiosk is a purpose-built kiosk designed exclusively for MicroMarkets and is used around the world. Developed for intuitive customer use, fast operator servicing and built to handle the harshest client environments, the Gen3c can be configured to accept cash or become completely cashless thanks to its modular design.

The 2018 Automatic Merchandiser’s Readers’ Choice New Product of the Year— 365 NanoMarket™ is a modern, tablet-based device for smaller locations where cost is a consideration and accepting cash is not needed. You’ll enjoy the ability to quickly and easily open new locations without sacrificing the quality and innovation they have come to expect from 365’s suite of products.

Consumers can be confident that all of their transactions are secure with 365Secure. The built-in 2D barcode scanner allows consumers to scan products and utilize 365’s payment app: 365Pay. The nanomarket quickly and easily mounts to a countertop and offers optional cellular hardline connectivity, making installation a piece of cake!

*Available in select countries

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365 Retail Markets is now an exclusive seller of


OptConnect provides wireless network connectivity for MicroMarket systems of any size. The OptConnect solutions give merchants faster and more flexible deployments, and a reliable connection to manage inventory and market operations.

NanoConnect Kit

The NanoConnect Kit houses an OptConnect neo and a Cisco router in a sleek, production quality metal casing. This purpose-built solution is designed to provide a secure and individualized internet connection, allowing you to get your device online wherever it may be located..

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Secure Connectivity

  • Simple Installation

  • Reliable Technology


Technology is painfully absent for most of the vending world. We’re on a mission to change that by dramatically improving the ROI for Operators through low-cost hardware, increased sales, and brand new revenue opportunities.

365 Inside






365 Inside is a compact, easy to install telemetry box that fits inside any MDB compatible vending machine and is currently used in select countries. With 365 Inside, consumers can use their 365Pay app to wirelessly send a credit to the vending machine to pay for their purchase. If you already have a cashless reader on your vending machine, 365 Inside can be added with our MDB splitter, enabling your existing cashless vending machine to accept GMA account payment in the Connected Campus!

AirVend brings dynamic, interactive touchscreen technology to your existing vending machines. The full-color 5 or 7 inch  AirVend screen displays nutritional information  that matches your machine’s planogram and includes credit card processing,  all in a sleek and elegant design. Over-the-air software updates  allow operators to receive real-time DEX information . Best of all, AirVend devices accept 365’s Global Market Account, allowing consumers to spend their account balance across all of your devices!

Step Up Your Vending Game!


ReadyTouch provides cutting edge technology through point-of-sale systems. ReadyTouch systems are a great fit for onsite foodservice operations within corporations, schools, healthcare and more.



Ready Cashier


Ready PayGo


Ready Order


ReadyFlex is the most versatile dining point-of-sale system, transitioning from cashier to self-service  mode with the push of a button. The system allows for cashier service during peak hours, and self-checkout with credit cards and Global Market Accounts after hours! Stay open and make more money in your dining accounts with ReadyFlex!

ReadyCashier is a standalone cashier system . The fast, flexible, intuitive system is easy to learn with a flexible display enabling cashiers to choose the menu layout that best suits them for smoother service and shorter lines.

ReadyPayGo is the convenient self-checkout system customers love. Patrons simply grab their meal, scan their item or search the database, pay and go. ReadyPayGo is the easy and efficient way to eliminate long lines and keep your customers happy.

ReadyOrder communicates with the kitchen staff, allowing customers to place orders and pay at one POS system while their order is sent to the kitchen for completion. ReadyOrder gives customers the ability to cut down on wait time and have their food ready for them at their convenience.

Upgrade Your Dining Technology

365Sidecar app

365 sidecar mobile app

The 365Sidecar app allows you to accept Global Market Accounts (GMA) through the 365Pay app everywhere, including cafeterias, OCS routes and anywhere else your clients need to pay!

  • 365Sidecar allows you to use existing iOS and Android mobile devices, either on Wi-Fi or cellular data.

  • Cashiers simply enter a name or register number on login, allowing you to operate multiple lanes and reconcile separately.

  • Consumers use their 365Pay app QR code or barcoded key tag to identify themselves and pay with their GMA balance!

  • Extend your reach at client locations to accept payment in dining, OCS routes or anywhere else your clients need to pay!

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