2013, September

User Account Payments And Saving On Processing Fees

transactionRanging from fingerprint payments to market cards and the recent addition of FreedomPay, 365 Retail Markets has the most expansive options for account payments in the MicroMarket industry. Not only do these options provide ultimate flexibility for kiosk operators, but they allow for substantial savings on processing fees through one-time account funding rather than a charge on each purchase. We have included a chart breaking down every transaction by payment method processed through any of our 365 SmartHUBs:

(Dis)Loyalty Programs Won’t Grow Sales!

There is no doubt that the rise of MicroMarkets and the stored value accounts which power over half their transactions has both operators and manufacturers alike excited to explore promotions and loyalty programs similar to other retail channels.  Why not? For the first time operators not only know exactly what is being sold, but who is buying it and when - powerful data points to be sure!

365 Invests And Partners With AirVend

PRLog (Press Release) - Sep. 4, 2013 - TROY, Mich. -- In an effort to provide industry-leading vending and MicroMarket technology, 365 Retail Markets has invested and partnered with AirVend and will now offer their AV5 and AV7 cashless touchscreen peripherals to customers within existing vending locations. This 365 solution will be known as 365SmartVend.In addition to the move toward cashless payments, the vending industry is trending toward offering greater product choice through MicroMarkets as well as more information to consumers on the vending machines themselves. AirVend is the perfect solution for operators looking to make the transition to cashless and adhere to new product requirements and legislation.