2013, October

Plan(O-Gram) For Success

Information overload is a common reaction after attempting to optimize your MicroMarket. There are a wealth of experts claiming to have the one-size-fits-all solution for market best practices, and once you've encountered an overwhelming amount of information, it's easy to resort to stocking your market with whatever you see at your local convenience store or pulling from a top 100 list of global vending sales - completely disregarding the ecosystem unique to your location

Should I Stock Bacon In My MicroMarket?

baconMath Proves Bacon Is a Miracle Food: based on the conclusions from a recent Wired Magazine and Food Network…ahem…”study,” which analyzed close to 50,000 recipes and 1 Million user-submitted comments, everything but desserts benefited from a little bacon! The study goes on to analyze everything from how many ways are there to fry a pork chop (22!), to food fads and how they’ve fared over the last 7 years. For instance, low-carb is on the decline, while salted caramel is hot right now- while I personally don’t know why that might be, it’s an interesting data point and something that you (365 can help) can do with your sales data.