2014, January

Meet the 365 Support Team

Meet the dedicated 365 Support Team, responsible for ensuring 99.99% uptime in your market, and keeping the Energy Drink companies in business!  


Any questions you have regarding your 365 hardware or software can be answered by one of our friendly and knowledgeable Support Team Members. Our awesome Support Team works hard to deliver exceptional customer service with quick response times, 7 days a week. Get to know a little more about the dedicated people behind the headsets.

Building A More Secure Workplace

MicroMarket Security InSightsI know what you’re thinking; not another article on security and the Target credit card breach… Well, yes it is – sort of. You see, I used to hunt the guys that did this sort of thing. Really. For about ten years, I ran a few different companies that specialized in both the front-end protective work (securing your systems) and the back-end detective work (finding the hackers and thieves who broke into these systems).

An Update On Sage – 365’s Rescue Dog

sage 2For those of you who don't know, 365 has been sponsoring Sage, a rescue dog, for several months and you're welcome to read her full story in our previous article about her. When we first found out about Sage, she was abused and malnourished. In the months since adopting her, however, she's made incredible strides to becoming a happy, loving dog.