2014, April

365 Retail Markets Enters Partnership with 5-hour Energy

365Hour Give your next Kiosk purchase a boost with a new promotional partnership between 5-hour Energy and 365 Retail Markets! rack365 and 5-hour Energy have teamed up to energize your MicroMarket with a complimentary 5-hour rack and product. Included in this promotional package is your choice of a 2-tier rack, 3-tier rack or cooler door and 2-3 cases of 5-hour Energy Drinks, with the purchase of a 365 Kiosk. “5-hour Energy is the #1 Energy Shot with a 91% Market Share and over 1 million bottles sold each day which contains no sugar and no herbal stimulants." Keith Kolodziej, Eastern Region Manager of Foodservice & Vending at 5-hour Energy, said. "5-Hour Energy is a Vitamin B shot with less caffeine than the leading brand of coffee – providing increased sales averaging between $1.50 - $2.00 at a $3.50 retail and is a 100% incremental impulse purchase.”

6 Tips to Increase MicroMarket Profits

moneyOver the past six years, we here at 365 have learned a lot about delivering an amazing product and how to optimize a location for both profit and customer satisfaction. Joe Hessling, Founder & CEO here at 365, gave a seminar at the 2014 NAMA OneShow on maximizing MicroMarket profits, and we wanted to highlight some of the key points made during his talk.

365 Retail Markets Unveils New Gen3c Kiosk At The 2014 NAMA OneShow

Gen3c_sideviewNearly 1 year after introducing their Gen3 Kiosk to MicroMarket operators across the country, industry leader 365 Retail Markets is proud to announce the unveiling of their newest Kiosk – the Gen3c. This is the fourth installment of their product line and highlights the industry shift towards smaller, more mobile hardware while maintaining a robust set of features. “We feel that it’s a game changer.” 365 Retail Markets’ CEO Joe Hessling said of the new Kiosk. “Over the past year, our customers have pushed us to pack all of our features into a smaller, more mobile Kiosk. With the Gen3c, we’re doing just that – giving our customers our most versatile model to date.”

Bachtelle & Associates Report 2013 MicroMarket Location Dollar Sales Total $233.8 Million

MMMicro_lowAngle2Bachtelle and Associates, a national consulting firm focused on driving sales in the foodservice industry, has released their 2013 MicroMarket Channel Census - an annual report on the growth and performance of MicroMarkets. The data was based on results provided by major MicroMarket suppliers and represents year-end 2012 & 2013 sales, as well as projections for 2014.  
  • Year-end 2012 kiosk install base equaled 2,724
  • 2013 kiosk installations equaled 2,950
  • 2013 kiosk removals equaled 248
  • Year-end 2013 install base equaled 5,426
  • 2013 net kiosk installation growth equaled 2,702, or 99.2 percent
  • Multiple kiosk micro markets was 243 (4.7 percent)
  • Average kiosks/multiple market was 2.1
Read the full article here.

INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Up-And-Coming Tech Hubs in The U.S.

tech hubsWe stumbled across a very interesting infographic the other day from a blog produced by Austin, Texas-based Sparefoot – a tech startup focused on disrupting the self-storage marketplace. They sourced from a large number of well-respected publications (CNN, Wired and Mashable to name a few) in an effort to determine eight of the up-and-coming tech hubs across America.

The 2014 NAMA OneShow Starts This Week – And We’ll Be There To Unveil Our Brand New, Most Versatile Kiosk To Date!

NAMA OneShow Logo 365 Retail Markets is at the 2014 NAMA OneShow this week! We’re super excited to be a part of the biggest foodservice show of the year and our brand new technology is already on its way to the show floor. Beginning April 8th, members of the 365 team will begin making the trip from our home base in Detroit, Michigan to the McCormick Center in Chicago, Illinois. Our team will be there for the remainder of the week, meeting with MicroMarket users, operators and enthusiasts who share in our passion for the technology we deliver.