2014, June

Product/Service Spotlight: Tech 2 Success

secure-cloud1Introducing Tech 2 Success & the Tech 2 Private Cloud to Vending: Tech 2 Success is a professional services company offering IT & Operations Consulting to Small, Medium & Large Businesses. As the amount of information managed by your business continues to grow, IT continues to play an expanded role in business management. Tech 2 Success helps businesses identify good processes and utilize technology to automate them. The Tech 2 team compliments your IT & Operations teams offering sound experience on change management, project management, process improvement and IT improvements. 455f846b-4cd0-4600-a0c4-c565c003d323The Tech 2 Private Cloud enables operators to protect their technology investments and take advantage of the speed, reliability and scalability of the cloud. Regardless of the vending management system your company uses, the Tech 2 Private Cloud is available to improve the performance of your systems in a world class, secure facility with redundant power and connectivity. Whether you’re just thinking about investing in MicroMarkets, Remote Monitoring, Pick to Light, Cashless, Digital Vending, or if you’ve already made the investment and are looking to get the greatest return from that investment, Tech 2 Success is available to help your team succeed. Receive your first two weeks in the cloud for FREE when you contact the Tech 2 Success team to learn how you can take advantage of the cloud after being referred by 365 Retail Markets.

For more information, contact: John Hickey 347-409-5392  |  john@tech2success.com

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Engaging Customers and Increasing Market Penetration

CustomerEngagementImage Did you know that the market penetration for the average MicroMarket (i.e. number of people at a location that actually use it to make purchases) hovers right around 40%? While that might be better than the performance of traditional vending, there’s still a huge opportunity to leverage data and utilize proven tactics to reach the remaining 60%. We would like to share some strategies that we’ve seen work in the field as well as some ideas of our own that can help you serve your customers in a more efficient manner. Additionally, there are some tips for encouraging those who are unfamiliar with the MicroMarket concept to give it a try.

EatWave: Fresh Meal Vending

EatWave5000 (hi-res) EatWave is a brand-new, automated vending machine that conveniently serves fresh hot meals while also offering a variety of chilled beverages and snacks. In fact, EatWave is the only vending machine with the dual capability of vending hot meals as well as traditional cold drinks and snacks. That’s right, this new vending technology prepares fresh and convenient meals wherever people work, live or play. The patent pending design uses gravity and a few other moving parts to deliver a quick and innovative vending experience that prepares a delicious meal in one minute or less. So whether you are craving a hot cheeseburger with a cola, or a healthy wrap with a bottled water; EatWave has your lunch covered. Now is the perfect time to join the EatWave movement, because when you contact the professionals at EatWave after being referred by 365 Retail Markets you will receive 5% off of your purchase. This deal is more monumental than anyone else could offer, and is a special thank you to the 365 operators for their extended loyalty and support.

For more info please contact Danny Parker at Eatwave Danny@eatwave.com | 626-791-8101