2014, December

Increase Your MicroMarket Profits and Customer Satisfaction

SmartNews_12.17.14-01 365 Retail Markets has teamed up with Hospitality Business Analytics to offer its PRODUCT INTELLIGENCE service to all of our customers. PRODUCT INTELLIGENCE is a product management technology software for MicroMarket Operators. The aim is to take your MicroMarket product data by category from a single location and analyze it so that you can achieve the best balance by offering products at the right price to maximize profits and improve customer satisfaction. Next Page

Think Cash is Dead? Think Again.

SmartNews_12.17.14-03 By Joe Hessling, CEO, 365 Retail Markets It is a common occurrence for us at 365 to hear the statements: “People just don’t use cash anymore,” or, "Young people don’t carry cash!” While these may be true statements some of the time, a recent study done by the Federal Reserve says otherwise, especially when it comes to small ticket purchases. 2,468 respondents from across the US were asked to keep a diary of their daily purchases and how they paid for them over a period of 3 days. The results were contradictory to popular beliefs.  Next Page

Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

SmartNews_12.17.14-02 ‘Tis the season, right? What better way to get into the holiday spirit and spread a little cheer than to give back? We’ve compiled a list of three things that operators can do to give back to their communities for the holidays. The best part is that these suggestions can work yearlong and ensure that your company remains an active member of the community. 1. Donate Slow Moving Products One idea for the Vending and Foodservice community is to donate slow moving products to a local food bank or soup kitchen.  Not only is it a possible tax deduction, it will also help a family in need over the holidays. Next Page