2015, March

Lighten Up for Spring

Healthy-LivingCan you feel it? The days are longer, the sun is brighter, the birds are chirping. Spring is here! What does that mean for operators? It’s time to rotate your winter product offerings in favor of lighter, spring-friendly options. With the warm weather and the promise of trips to the beach, spring is usually a time for most people to reaffirm their New Years Resolution that they let slip during winter. Spring inspires people to crave fresh foods and beverages over hearty comfort foods of the cold months. Plan to incorporate refreshing drinks, brightly colored foods and cool treats. Try these five tips to revive and renew your MicroMarket for spring.
  1. Trade hearty soups and chili for lighter soups with summer vegetables.
  1. Add more fresh salads with summer berries and fruits. In that same token broaden your fresh fruit and veggie selections by adding fruit salads and mini veggie trays.
  1. Introduce ice cream to your frozen foods section. Keep it simple. In our MicroMarket we stock strawberry, vanilla and chocolate single-serve Häagen-Dazs ice cream.
  1. Winter is over, but you can still think “ice.” Add iced coffees and teas. As the weather warms up, the coffee lovers may opt for a more refreshing way to get their caffeine fix.
  1. Spring equals allergies. Consider stocking travel size, non-drowsy, allergy medicine.

365 Retail Markets and SV365 Technologies Limited Sign UK Distribution Agreement

365RMSV365 March 25, 2015 - Troy, Michigan – 365 Retail Markets has partnered with SV365 Technologies Limited to distribute 365 products and services in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. 365 Retail Markets specializes in MicroMarket technology solutions. MicroMarkets are becoming a growing trend in corporations in the United States because they offer a wide a variety of food and beverage options. By utilizing unmanned kiosks to make purchases, MicroMarkets can be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 365 Retail Markets is the global leader in MicroMarket hardware and technology solutions by offering secure, scalable and integrated options to fit a variety of needs. “We are very excited to bring the best in class MicroMarket technology to the UK,” says Walter Gill, SV365 director, “The MicroMarket sector in the UK is still embryonic but by launching with the global leader in MicroMarket technology, we plan to enter the market with speed and scale " “In each country we enter it’s a little bit like starting over – ‘What is a MicroMarket?’ is a question I have not had to answer in many years, knowing how much consumers and clients love them, it’s a good place to be, ” says Joseph Hessling, 365 Retail Markets chief executive officer, “The UK culture brings new ideas and perspectives that we may not think about here in the U.S. and Canada, and with these new ideas, we have an opportunity grow into a better business and offer better products. The SV365 team has been excellent in helping us understand and adapt to the UK’s need and we look forward to the challenge of expanding and bring MicroMarkets overseas.” SV365 has already begun introducing MicroMarkets in the United Kingdom at various exhibitions, including: Hotelympia, The Lunch Show and three Vendex exhibitions culminating in a MicroMarket seminar held last November. Their fully operational MicroMarket showroom is located at their Coventry. “With our fully operational MicroMarket showroom in Coventry, and several installations we bring together 365 technology with other leading MicroMarket technology suppliers as well as color coordinated shelving and racking…it is a one-stop-shop for all your MicroMarkets requirements,” says Gill. About 365 Retail Markets 365 Retail Markets, an expanding, self-checkout technology company based in Troy, Michigan, offers the best-in-class platform for vending, foodservice and hospitality. Its proprietary, 365 MicroMarket, is a turnkey, unmanned market that allows customers to increase sales, improve the customer experience and increase profits while decreasing operating costs. 365 Retail Markets has been pioneering innovation in the vending industry for over five years and continues to revolutionize the market with superior technology and ultimate flexibility in customization and branding. For more information about 365 Retail Markets, visit www.365retailmarkets.com. You can also join 365 Retail Markets on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Linkedin.  About SV365 SV365 TECHNOLOGIES LTD was established in 2013 specifically to introduce MicroMarket technology to the UK and Ireland. SV365 Technologies is owned and operated by professionals with decades of experience in vending and foodservice management. From equipment manufacturers, food producers and individual vendors, SV365 Technologies is well versed with each aspect of the business. For more information about SV365 Technologies, visit www.sv365technologies.com. You can also join SV365 on Twitter @SV365tech, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can email them at hello@sv365tech.com  

Congratulations Five Star Food Service on Opening 400th MicroMarket

Jostens 1 (w logo) “Partnering with 365 was a major switch in the kiosk technology we use. It has proved to be advantageous to our growth and negated many technical issues we encountered early on,” said Al Recher. Eight months ago Chattanooga-based Five Star Food Service became one of the nation’s first independent vending operators to surpass the 300 micro-market threshold. Last week Five Star celebrated the opening of its 400th micro-market at a Jostens production facility in Clarksville. The Jostens installation marks the 133rd micro-market Five Star has opened this fiscal year which ends this month. Officials said, "Five Star’s secret to success is its people. The unprecedented growth and success is due in large part to its dedicated micro-market organizational structure spanning from the corporate office to the branch level including area managers and route drivers who specialize in merchandising micro-markets." Read the full story at The Chattanoogan 

365 Retail Markets Releases SP3 Software Update

March 17, 2015 – Troy, Michigan –During the wildly successful 365 MEET User Group held in early March, 365 Retail Markets announced the release of its latest software update: Service Pack 3 (SP3). After listening to customer feedback and identifying industry trends, 365 Retail Markets developed innovative new features to ensure operating a MicroMarket with 365 technology is as seamless and profitable as possible. The SP3 update includes the following features:
  • Layered Promotions, bringing new scheduling capabilities to existing promotions and adding new QR code based coupons for distribution through mymarketaccount.com.
  • Mobile Inventory 2.0, for improved physical inventory capabilities, product prompting, and variance reporting.
  • Operator Notifications, which allows operators to proactively monitor their kiosk status.
  • NFC Payment Support – including Apple Pay and Google Wallet.
  • Blackboard Student Card Support
“We love spending time in the field with our Operators, and the new features and enhancements you see in SP3 are a direct result of their feedback. This update is packed with innovative ways to make managing and servicing your MicroMarket clients easier than ever before, and we’re just getting started,” Ryan McWhirter, Director of Product. Thus far, feedback from those Operators who have been upgraded to SP3 has been overwhelmingly positive. 365 Retail Markets customers who have not been contacted for upgrade should expect a communication by the end of May. About 365 Retail Markets 365 Retail Markets is a fast growing vending, foodservice and MicroMarket technology provider based in Troy, Michigan. Their best-in-class self-checkout and vending payment systems have been adopted by many of the leaders in the industry. Its proprietary, 365 MicroMarket, is a turnkey unmanned market that allows customers to increase sales, improve the customer experience, and increase profits, while decreasing operating costs. 365 Retail Markets has been pioneering innovation in the vending industry for over five years and continues to revolutionize the market with superior technology and ultimate flexibility in customization and branding. For more information about 365 Retail Markets, visit www.365retailmarkets.com. You can also join 365 Retail Markets on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

The AirVend Solution for New Legislation

nutrition-new-machine_graphic By now, news of the Food and Drug Association’s requirements for vending machines has been widely reported. According to the FDA, Americans eat and drink about one-third of their calories away from home, and people today expect clear information about the products they consume. With that in mind, nutritional transparency in the snacks that are offered in vending machines becomes increasingly important as more and more people are opting for a healthier lifestyle.  Recap. What’s required?
  • Disclosing calorie information of foods sold in vending machines.
  • Calorie information may be placed on a sign near the article of food or selection button. Electronic or digital displays may also be used.
  • Posting of calorie information for foods sold from bulk vending machines (e.g., gumball machines, mixed nut machines).
  • Disclosing contact information of covered operators on the machines or otherwise with the required calorie declarations to enable FDA to contact operators for enforcement purposes.
Without a technology solution, manual compliance such as posters, signage or stickers, will take vending machine operators an estimated 14 million hours of labor and operators will incur an annualized cost of $37.9 million. Having recently acquired AirVend, 365 Retail Markets is in a unique position to help vending operators cut these costs and save time. AirVend units have the ability to display nutritional information. AirVend units can be retrofitted to existing vending machines and also provides consumers with a variety of payment options, including NFC and credit card payments. Vending operators must be compliant by December 1, 2016. There is still time to make a smart investment for your business. Contact a 365 Retail Markets Sales Rep today to find out how at sales@365smartshop.com