2015, June

iCASH Values & Old School Ninjas: That’s What Our 365 Team Is Made Of

MugShots_6.15365 Retail Markets wouldn't be the company we are today without all of the people who come in each day to ensure we consistently deliver top quality products and services. iCASH Values Each month, we take the time to recognize our team members that best exemplified our core values; innovation, collaboration, accountability, service and happiness (iCASH). One teammate is chosen by their peers for each core value and then are awarded with the corresponding mug and most importantly, their own reserved parking spot for the month. June iCASH winners include;
  • Tony (innovation)
  • Rob (collaboration)
  • Brittany (accountability)
  • Mary Ellen (service)
  • Alvita (happiness)
Happiness leads to success and success will lead to Happiness. iCASH is an easy way to articulate the core values necessary for successful individual performance and responsible teamwork participation.
Old School Ninjas  In addition to our iCASH honorees we also honor all of our team members celebrating anniversaries each month. After 1 year of service our team members are given the "Old School Ninja" award and then receive ribbons for each additional year of service after that. This month, we had 3 team members earning Old School Ninja status and 2 other veterans earning their advanced ribbons including;
  • Don (1 year)
  • Mallory (1 year)
  • Tim (3 years)
  • Sujata (2 years)
  • Alvita (1 year)
6.15_OldSchoolNinjas   Congrats to all of our June honorees! If your interested in joining the 365 Retail Markets team be sure to visit our careers page at https://365retailmarkets.com/careers/