2015, July

The Internet of Things – A Driving Factor in 365’s Growth

IMG_1938 copyThe “Internet of Things”(IoT) has made interconnectivity a business requirement. Social media participation and consumer engagement are now critical to winning and keeping customers. Data is becoming more and more important to business agility and competitive advantage, as people are looking for solutions that help them manage their business. Good data provides actionable insights, used to make intelligent business decisions. Vending operators are hungry for this kind of insight into their business, but have been unable to get it for decades, and still struggle to get a complete picture because of the prevalence of manual processes, unconnected machines, and systems that don’t talk to each other. 365 is driven by this need for a vending technology system that meets the needs of a 21st century business. We put Operator feedback into every decision and product we make, with an emphasis on data visibility, and the knowledge you need to run your business. More consumers than ever say they want healthy options, while some snackers just want the old classics. With 365’s SmartHQ, there’s no guesswork, you can win new customers while taking care of the existing ones by customizing your selection by category performance, and keep your market from going stale by tracking your top and bottom products, and moving them accordingly. That analysis isn’t limited to just MicroMarkets anymore with the newest addition to our product portfolio: AirVend. Machine and Market Data will now be combined into a complete picture, improving your ability to manage, and your customers’ ability to use their account with you at any of your locations. 365 is growing with the need to match today’s tech savvy, consumer driven economy, giving you the tools you need to grow your business along with ours.