2015, September

Operation: Softball

  Alex Hits it Out of the ParkOn August 27, the Operations department consisting of Support, Fulfillment and Logistics got a chance to flex their iCASH muscles when they met at Royal Oak High School’s softball field for a fun, friendly softball game. The teams were split up with Lou Frontero and Tim Smith as team captains. Team Lou: Nicole Rademaker, Jessica Cox, Jim Versical, Stefano Ferri, Mark Faught, Jeff Kirchoff Team Tim: Angela Forge, Roney Louka, Antwain Penn, Chris Andrick, Alex Hawkins, Ryan Clark. and Christina Delgado. Trash talk was rampant and tensions were high in the moments leading up to the game. “There was a lot of trash talk and not a lot of backing it up,” said Tim. But in the end, Team Lou triumphed over Team Tim 18 to 8, with Lou hitting a home run over the fence in the last inning. Check out pictures from the riveting game. However, the score is not the most significant part of the story. The heart of the story is that the Operations department came together after a hard day at work to play just as hard. “This group works hard every day and has a lot of pressure. They were all laughing and having a great time together.  It was a great way to blow off some steam,” said Angela. And get to know your coworkers! “Employees that don’t normally work in the same job function were placed on rosters together and supported each other as a team.” “Angela is creating unity and team-building within the Operations Group. These are our teammates regardless of even stepping foot on a softball diamond,” said Lou,” We have so many new faces within our group and I think this helps alleviate a lot of the stress and fears new employees endure when starting a new job.” According to a 2013 Employee Benefits survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, “only 16 percent of employers offer company-sponsored sports teams and leagues.” However, company sports games like softball can boost morale, encourage employee wellness, provide networking opportunities and give employees and managers an opportunity to let their guards down and get to know each other outside of brick and mortar confines. Read more about the benefits of company softball leagues. This goes to show that our iCASH values work, not just in the office, but outside as well. Game 2 was played September 17. Tim and Company won. Check your local listings for Game 3.              

August iCASH Winners and Anniversaries

Sept. iCASH

July's iCASH winners have passed the iCASH mugs on...

Innovation - Tyler D'Orazio for the excellent customer support he provides in addition to the support he gives to the development team while we are trying to resolve issues.  Any time we are presented with a case, we are provided all of the necessary details and Tyler always makes himself available to answer any questions and work with us through the problem. Thank you Tyler!

Collaboration - Alvita Dixon for her never-ending positive attitude, and willingness to help research difficult issues.

Accountability - Jeff Griffiths is accountable for every issue that occurs on the back table with the kiosks on it. Any time a kiosk has an issue he takes responsibility for it and resolves the issue. The issues that he takes accountability for are not even caused by him.

Service - Mallory Rajter (pictured) is always quick with a response to a question, and a pleasure to work with.  She also helped me with my verii account!  Thanks Mallory!

Happiness - Michelle Zackey (pictured) always has a positive attitude and provides a positive atmosphere for all the employees.

August Anniversaries

P1090027 Jeffrey Griffiths - Production Audrey D' Silva - Development