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April iCASH Winners and Anniversaries

April ICash_winners

March's iCASH Winners, Ron, Richard, Garry, Lou and Rita have passed the mugs on to...

Innovation: Chris Cui is an obvious choice for the Innovation mug. In a short time, he was not only able to digest our projects easily, but he was also able to offer creative, innovative solutions for many perplexing objectives.

Collaboration: Robert Hering deserves the "C" mug for working with the QA team on the PA-DSS certification. Accountability: Joshua Thomas' work rate is top not, and he is always "accountable" for making sure the customers receive the best experience possible supporting the AirVend product. Service: Nicole Rademaker does a lot of work for the Logistics group with no complaints and it is very appreciated! Happiness: Mary Schuster is always smiling and cheerful. You're someone's reason to smile. You are making a difference Mary!  

April Anniversaries

April Anniversaries 1 Year Chad Hall Matt Hammel 6 Years Laraine Peterson

March iCASH Winners and Anniversaries


February's iCASH winners Aung, Jeff, Brittany, Madalyn and Brett have passed the mugs on to...

Innovation: Ron Nielson is open-minded and willing to learn new concepts. He's a good coworker to work with and is reliable.

Collaboration: Richard Schulz has demonstrated that he is willing to take the initiative to engage those with whom he works and to balance diverse needs and opinions in order to formulate well-rounded approaches to improve the quality of software developed at 365 Retail Markets.

Accountability: Garry Oborn has been a great assistance with anything and everything AirVend. He quickly resolves issues and makes them his priority. Thank you for all your help!

Service: Lou Frontero has been a big help with regards to coordinating deliverables for MEET and NAMA. He's always available to answer our questions or track down a rogue table cloth.  

Happiness: Rita Blaty is always a joy every day she works.  She has a smile on her face, even when she has technical issues.

March Anniversaries

Jeff Horstman, Chad Young, Jeff Pierson, Roney Louka

March Anniversaries2

Brent Mouritsen, James Versical, Peter Bostwick, Aung Oo

  1 Year

Roney Louka

Jeffrey Pierson

Brent Mouritsen

2 Years

Jeffrey Horstman

4 Years

Chad Young

James Versical

12 Years

Peter Bostwick 

13 Years

Aung Oo 


Learn About Theft Prevention During the NAMA OneShow

IMG_3012 Our very own Automatic Merchandiser Pro to Know recipient, Ryan McWhirter will be showcasing new 365 Loss Prevention technology and sharing details about how you can start reducing theft during his must-see NAMA Learning Lab

Thursday, April 14th from 3:30 - 4:00 p.m. New Technology Is Taking On The Theft Threat

  Read the full description MicroMarkets can more than double your sales, yet theft is always a lingering concern. The threat of theft (or “shrink”) currently hovers at 2-5%, still greatly outweighed by the benefits of operating a MicroMarket. But what if that risk could be reduced even further? We will discuss the technological solutions developed by 365 Retail Markets to pinpoint and diminish opportunities for shrink. In addition to our existing comprehensive security features, 365 has recently devised the insightful Cancel Report feature! Join this Learning Lab to hear more about how 365 Retail Markets is creating new techniques for protecting our customers.


365 Retail Markets Exhibiting New Technologies At 2016 NAMA OneShow

For Immediate ReleaseBrandDocs_365logoRGB_6.27.13 Contact: Jen Tonio 365 Retail Markets jen.tonio@365smartshop.com 888-365-7382 x149   365 Retail Markets Exhibiting New Technologies At 2016 NAMA OneShow TROY, MI - April 11, 2016 - 365 Retail Markets, award-winning MicroMarket and vending technology provider, will be showcasing a new suite of products during the 2016 NAMA OneShow in Chicago, IL at booth #100 on April 13-15, 2016. 365 is committed to continually releasing new cutting-edge technology to help our customers grow their businesses and increase sales, and we are proud to showcase the following new products:
  • 365connect – The Vending Data Interchange (VDI) gives operators the power to manage all of their Vending, OCS and MicroMarket management systems in one place. 365 has led this initiative and we are proud to be the only MicroMarket company with DEPLOYED solutions out in the marketplace TODAY.
  • AirVend Inside with 365pay – Our low-cost alternative to AirVend 5 & 7, which provides a simple cashless payment option through mobile payments.
  • Payroll Deduct Express™ - This new payment feature links to stored value accounts.
  • Security with Cancel ReportsReduce theft with our newest loss prevention tool.
  • Layered Promotions (featuring Recurring Promotions)Increase sales and reduce waste by setting up product promotions through our SmartHQ system.
  • Mobile Inventory App with Variance Analysis – The handheld scanner simplifies inventory reports to compare expected quantities and sales from different dates against current stock.
  • Data Warehouse – Provides customizable reports populated with data pulled from the information captured by SmartHQ.
“Without a doubt, this is the biggest feature release we’ve ever showcased at NAMA!” said Ryan McWhirter, 365 Director of Product. “Starting with the innovative Cancel Report, Operators have been catching shrink and spending their time more wisely than ever before! Payroll Deduct Express™ brings a generic way of accepting payment from client payroll, all automatically!” McWhirter continues on to say,
“Our versatile Layered Promotions feature gains the ability to schedule Recurring Promotions and interact with consumers in totally new ways. Lastly, our commitment to the VDI standard brings VMS integration with 365 Connect. And the best part is, all of this is included in our monthly subscription!”
Ryan McWhirter will be featuring 365’s new cancel report during his NAMA Learning Lab, titled New Technology is Taking On The Theft Threat, on Thursday, April 14th at 3:30pm. http://www.namaoneshow.org/show-floor/ Contact us for a demo of our new software, or visit our sponsored lounge in space #200 to learn more about our kiosks from the 365 team. ### About 365 Retail Markets 365 Retail Markets, a rapidly growing, self-checkout technology company with offices in Metro Detroit, Santa Clara, and Provo, offers the best-in-class point of sale platform for use in the workplace.  Its proprietary, 365 MicroMarket, is a turnkey, unmanned market that allows customers to increase sales, improve the customer experience, and increase profits while decreasing operating costs. 365 Retail Markets has been pioneering innovation in the food service, hospitality, and vending industries since 2008, and continues to revolutionize the market with superior technology and ultimate flexibility in customization and branding. 365 has won many awards for their innovation and growth, including recently being named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. 365 is proud to have Mondelez International Inc. as a 2016 Event & Promotions sponsor. For more information about 365 Retail Markets, visit www.365retailmarkets.com. You can also join 365 Retail Markets on FacebookTwitterGoogle+YouTube and Linkedin.  

Making the Leap into MicroMarkets Makes Dollars and Sense

VendingMarketWatch.com MicroMarket News Update

IMG_6338 Vending Operators are losing business to MicroMarkets and in some cases they are experiencing revenue losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars. They are in danger of being left behind in an industry that is evolving to better answer customer needs. In order to compete, Vending Operators need to seriously consider adding MicroMarkets to their product-offering portfolio. MicroMarkets fill the space between traditional vending machines and cafeterias or going out to lunch. “The sheer volume of products that MicroMarkets can offer makes them more appealing than vending machines,” said John Veit, Sales Director at 365. “If you do MicroMarkets right, you can put more SKU’s out there, sell higher priced items and keep people on campus more often. All of that means more revenue, profit and higher customer satisfaction and productivity.” We spoke to one of our customers who has recently made the leap into MicroMarkets to get his experience on becoming a MicroMarket Operator. David Byard, the owner of BCH Vending Services in Germantown, Tennessee has been in business since 2007 and opened his first MicroMarket April 1st of 2015. Prior to last year, BCH serviced 250 vending-only locations. He currently services two MicroMarket locations and says that his customers love them (MicroMarkets) so much that he’s made 450 new best friends. Beyond the promise of new friends (or satisfied customers), there are few other reasons to add MicroMarkets to your offerings: More Products Equals More Money MicroMarkets give you the ability to offer 3-10x as many products and because you have more SKU’s in your inventory, the potential to make more money increases exponentially. “Our revenue tripled at our existing locations with the existing employees,” said Byard, “We have an opportunity to increase sales at the locations we already have and it opened up the door for us to compete with the national vendors. Less Service Calls Vending machines can be faulty; chips can get stuck, dollars can get eaten, etc. What’s nice about MicroMarkets is that the open flow ensures that you’ll never have a ‘stuck chip bag’. Change is not an issue, when customers can pay with credit cards and stored value accounts that they can access with their fingertips. “MicroMarkets are easier to operate,” said Byard, “I receive a lot less service calls with MicroMarkets than I do with vending machines.” Health, Wellness and More MicroMarkets give you the ability to get really creative and expand your SKU’s outside the realm of chips and soft drinks. Offer your customers fresh foods like salads and sandwiches, frozen foods like ice cream and microwaveable meals. And if you want to get REALLY creative, consider mouthwash, aspirin, Chap Stick, even windshield wiper fluid. Your imagination is the limit with what you can offer with MicroMarkets. But what about theft? Theft is generally a nonfactor because of the types of locations that MicroMarkets service best. Byard says that one of his locations has 1% shrinkage. “One thing I learned is that the more cameras you install, the lower your shrinkage will be,” he said, “We don’t use them to catch people, we use them to prevent shrinkage.” The Balancing Act Many operators like BCH Vending Service have both vending machines and MicroMarket locations. “You can definitely do both. A lot Vending Operators will incorporate their MicroMarkets locations into their normal routes, said Veit, “And if your MicroMarket business takes off and gets big enough you might want to dedicate more resources to them.” 365 is making it even easier for Operators to implement MicroMarkets into their business by giving them the tools to manage it all in one system. READ MORE: 365Connect Powered by VDI “One of the complaints Operators have is that they have to use two different systems to manage their MicroMarket inventory and their Vending/OCS inventory. Now with VDI functionality and 365, they’re tied together making inventory management a whole lot easier!” said Veit. Are you ready to make the leap? 365 is here for you and able to help you compete on a major scale. Give us a call at (888) 365-7382 Need more proof that MicroMarkets can increase your revenue? Watch the video below!

MicroMarkets vs. Vending - Increase Your Revenue

Also featured in this month's newsletter...

MicroMarkets: The Logical Next Step For Vending Operators


Michigan Congressman Dave Trott Visits 365 Retail Markets

228A4930_Web Edit

Joe Hessling, 365 Retail Markets; Congressman Dave Trott; Jeff Smith, All Star Vending

(CHICAGO) April 4, 2016 – Michigan Congressman Dave Trott (R-11th Dist.) visited 365 Retail Markets in Troy, Michigan on March 29. During his visit, Congressman Trott met with 365 Retail Markets CEO, Joe Hessling, NAMA GA Committee Chair, Jeff Smith, NAMA SVP of Government Affairs, Eric Dell and 365’s employees. He participated in a briefing and tour to meet the company’s employees and obtained a first-hand view of their operations and the industry. This meeting was a result of a relationship created during the 2015 DC Fly-In. During the visit, the Congressman addressed a variety of questions and expressed interest in meeting with industry leaders and his constituents once again during NAMA’s July 2016 Fly-In. “It was an honor to have Congressman Trott visit 365 and see our operation first-hand,” Hessling said. “During our time together, we discussed our business and the future of the refreshment services industry, specifically as it relates to technology and MicroMarkets. It was truly a valuable opportunity to demonstrate the power and scope of the refreshment services industry with our Congressman,” he continued. “We have been looking forward to showcasing our commitment to our customers and employees and the impact our business and fellow industry businesses have on the state of Michigan,” he concluded. The visit to 365 Retail Markets confirmed my belief that hard-working business people continue to strengthen our economy and workforce by expanding opportunity and creating jobs. I applaud Joe and his staff on their entrepreneurial spirit and their support of the competitive, free enterprise system,” said Congressman Trott. “I would like to thank Congressman Trott for his visit to 365 Retail Markets. His visit is part of an enhanced effort by the NAMA Government Affairs Division to continue to educate elected officials on our industry,” said Jeff Smith, the Chair of NAMA’s Government Affairs Committee. “It is essential to our advocacy efforts to educate lawmakers at our place of business. This is another example of the results of the DC Fly-In and why industry leaders should plan to join us in DC this July to meet with their elected representatives.”

365Connect Powered by VDI

VDIReady_4.4.16The next level of MicroMarket and vending management systems is here! 365 Connect is in line with the NAMA VDI standards, which unifies multiple vending technology solutions, to help Vending Operators successfully manage their Vending, OCS and MicroMarket businesses with one system. As Operators expanded their MicroMarket business, the need arose for an integrated management solution. Since 365 is the leader in MicroMarket technologies, we worked with NAMA and the leading VMS providers to develop a set of standards to provide a functional data exchange that will become the industry standard for all MicroMarket and VMS providers going forward. Goals of the Standard To consolidate sources for both MicroMarket and Vending machine management, including:
  • Full warehouse inventory accountability
  • A single source for sales and inventory reporting
  • A single source for product and price information
  • A single handheld for servicing both Vending and MicroMarket POS
  • Prekitting using near-real time sales
  • Complete cash and inventory accountability

365 Retail Markets Honors Five Star Food Service for 500th MicroMarket Installation


From Left to Right: Greg McCall, Five Star, SVP of Sales and Marketing; Mark Stephanos, Five Star, Vice President; Alan Recher, Five Star, President and CEO;    Joe Hessling, 365 Retail Markets, CEO

For Immediate Release          Contact: Jen Tonio 365 Retail Markets jen.tonio@365smartshop.com 888-365-7382 x149 Troy, MI—April 1, 2016—365 is committed to the growth and success of our clients. To honor Five Star Food Services hitting a major milestone, 365 team members including CEO, Joe Hessling and Marketing Manager, Jen Tonio traveled down to Chattanooga, TN to present the Five Star team with an award for opening their 500th MicroMarket. This major accomplishment makes Five Star one of the nation’s first independent operators to surpass that threshold. Since installing its first MicroMarket in January 2011, Five Star has expanded the concept throughout Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. “Congratulations to the entire Five Star team for surpassing the 500 market milestone! I’m sincerely proud of their hard work and dedication to this rapidly growing line of business.” said Five Star Vice President Mark Stephanos “Our MicroMarket team consistently performs at the highest levels to deliver on unsurpassed service and quality to our customers. 365 has been a valuable technology partner along the way as we’ve grown; virtually becoming an extension of our MicroMarket team.” One thing that makes Five Star so successful is their ability to engage and excite their customers. From their robust promotions calendar, stringent product selection process and strategic merchandising plan, Five Star’s attention to detail and creativity leaves nothing to chance. “The team at Five Star continues to lead the industry with their growth, innovation and operational efficiencies. “ said Hessling “The 500th MicroMarket location milestone is another example of their leadership.  Congrats, to Al and the team.” The future is bright for both Five Star and 365 as they continue to lead the industry. ### About 365 Retail Markets 365 Retail Markets, an expanding, self-checkout technology company based in Troy, Michigan, offers the best-in-class platform for vending, foodservice and hospitality. Its proprietary, 365 MicroMarket, is a turnkey, unmanned market that allows customers to increase sales, improve the customer experience and increase profits while decreasing operating costs. 365 Retail Markets has been pioneering innovation in the vending industry since 2008 and continues to revolutionize the market with superior technology and ultimate flexibility in customization and branding. They were recently named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. 365 is proud to have Mondelez International Inc. as a 2016 Event & promotions sponsor. For more information about 365 Retail Markets, visit www.365retailmarkets.com. You can also join 365 Retail Markets on FacebookTwitterGoogle+YouTube and Linkedin.

About Five Star Food Service

Five Star Food Service is a Chattanooga, TN based food service provider specializing in full-service vending, micro-markets, coffee services, full-service dining, and catering services across Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Founded in 1993, Five Star Food Service has grown to one of the largest privately held operators in the Southeast. Five Star Food Service is a franchise of Canteen Vending. For more information visit www.fivestar-food.com.