2016, November

November iCASH Winners and Anniversaries

Innovation: Brent Mouritsen for being open minded, predicting events and being adventurous in code, food and life.

Collaboration: Paul Mergel has a done a great job of leading numerous projects all while collaborating with many teams. He already has an extensive knowledge of the 365 product line and is always willing to help where he can.

Accountability: Garrett Faught deserves the A mug. You can always count on him to get his work done, even if it means staying late or coming in early.

Service: Tony Ranella goes out of his way to keep the RMA process moving along in production; any time we ask for help, he makes us a priority and works with me to implement changes so that it's not a problem in the future. He goes above and beyond what is asked of him every time. Thanks so much Tony! 

Happiness: Kristina Delgado deserves the Happiness mug, because despite some stressful life stuff going on is always smiling and making the best of everything. It's always a pleasure to chat with her!

November Anniversaries


From left to right: Andrew Burland, Arron Roscoe, Adam Maier, Vanessa Podlaskowski and Mary Schuster

1 Year Richard Schultz Thaddeus Crockett Mary Schuster Chris Andrick

2 Years

Adam Maier

Andrew Burland

Tim Converse


From left to right: Dennis Yee, Tim Converse, Stephen Rutkowski and Courtney Redman

Courtney Redman

Stephen Rutkowski

3 Years

 Arron Roscoe

Jason Halstead

4 Years

Dennis Yee

5 Years

Vanessa Podlaskowski

2016 European Vending Experience - EVEX

365 Attending EVEX 2016 With ‘Cannes’-Do Attitude!

365 Retail Markets CEO, Joe Hessling will be speaking at the European Vending Experience (EVEX) 2016 show, held on November 24 & 25 in Cannes, France. In collaboration with the French Vending Association (NAVSA), the European Vending Association (EVA) has organized information sessions, Q&A panels, vendor exhibits, and an awards dinner with forward-thinking topics focused on boosting business success, technology, and innovation. EVEX is a unique annual event for all sectors of the vending and office coffee service (OCS) industry, and incorporates the EVA AGM and Conference. Its diverse topics are designed to be insightful and relevant, with practical business knowledge shared among event attendees. EVEX also usefully combines a mini exhibition directly targeted to industry experts. Join the excitement to see Joe discuss MicroMarkets: A Successful Business Concept on November 24.

Knowledge is Power: The Importance of Training

As featured in the November Edition-Micro Market News from VMW.com

  You know the saying, “luck favors the prepared,” right? One of the best ways to be prepared to efficiently serve your customers and surpass their expectations is to be fluent in the technology and hardware that powers your MicroMarkets. Many MicroMarket technology providers offer trainings. If you’re new to MicroMarkets, then it is a good idea to inquire about what types of trainings are available. If you are a veteran in the industry, then attending trainings is good way to stay up-to-date on the latest technology updates and industry best practices. One of the best things you can do is reach out to your provider when have you have questions. There’s nothing worse than wasting valuable time and manpower trying to solve a problem that could be solved by utilizing features that are built into your software. 365 Retail Markets works very hard to ensure that their customers know that they are not alone and encourages customers to reach out with their “open door” policy. “There have been instances where operators have spent several hours or days implementing a function or customer change, but when they talked to us about their frustration, we told them about easy and efficient functionalities that were built into the backend software that allowed them to accomplish their tasks in a matter of minutes,” said 365’s Sales Director, John Veit, “If they had come to us sooner, we could have saved them many hours of frustration!” MicroMarket technology providers are constantly developing new features to help you run your business more efficiently, and you may not realize what features your technology has to offer. Without going to the trainings, you could be missing out on key business-boosting opportunities. Here are a few key topics that trainings can cover:
  • Kiosk installation and maintenance
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Inventory management,
  • Promotions, pricing, and product selections
 Who from your team should attend these trainings? Anyone from the Operations Team who:
  • is directly involved with running the day-to-day operations
  • works in, or services the markets
  • needs to pull and manage the reports
We have found that middle management, route drivers, technicians, etc. get the most value out of these trainings. Talk to your provider about any upcoming live or pre-recorded webinars that are available. Also, look into user groups or conferences that you can attend. It is a great opportunity to get firsthand knowledge from your provider, as well as network with other Operators of varying experience levels and find out any tips and tricks that they have. For example, 365 Retail Markets is hosting its third annual MEET User Group, April 18, 2017, ahead of the NAMA OneShow. MEET is open to current 365 customers looking to gain key insights on how to effectively run their MicroMarket operations using 365’s technology. 365 encourages owners, operators, administrators, managers and technicians to attend and pick their brains. There’s no need to trust your business to luck or “go at it” alone. By taking advantage of the trainings offered by your MicroMarket provider, you are better prepared to confidently and efficiently run your business and provide superior service to your customers. Knowledge is power, but SHARED knowledge is even MORE powerful. Are you armed and ready? If not, that’s okay, just ask us.  

Also featured this month...

Training 101: Invest in Your Employees, Invest in Yourself

Hiring and training can be one of the toughest tasks for a manger. Hiring requires job postings and reading through dozens of resumes; it requires interviews and sometimes even results in no job offers if the candidates simply aren’t right for the position...continue reading.

October iCASH Winners and Anniversaries


Innovation: Dennis Yee deserves the award for the innovative design for structuring our many different development environments that we have going on at the same time. Collaboration: William Kolpasky has quickly evolved from a summer intern to a full-time Product Business Analyst. I constantly see William working with different departments and with the Executive team to prepare for meetings with customers and investors. He is becoming an expert on all the products and services that 365 offers. Accountability: Chris Andrick deserves the A mug for getting the days Kiosk orders ready as quickly as possible. He is always willing to work with the Logistics Department to ensure that all are accounted for and set up correctly. Service: Jeff Horstman: Thank you for your technical help and service calls with one of our customers to clarify serial number/products on an invoice. With your help, we resolve the issue and make the customer HAPPY! Happiness: Gabe Stevens always greets people with a genuine smile. He always wants to know how your day is going and is truly interested in hearing your response. Gabe is a great listener and I always walk away from our conversations with his contagious smile. Thanks for spreading your joy throughout 365 Gabe!  

October Anniversaries


Aamina Ali, Madalyn Bommarito, Lisa Johnson

1 Year Aamina Ali Madalyn Bommarito

5 Years

Lisa Johnson