Does anyone else feel like the year went like this… January, February, August, December?

The months may have gone by fast, but 2020 has brought us the opportunity to pause and reflect on many areas in our personal and professional lives.

This year taught us that we indeed are better together. 

At 365, we’re thankful for a lot every year, but this year, we wanted to share our top three reasons why we feel so grateful.

Our Employees

We’re thankful for our ever-growing 365 Family. Thank you for your continued hard work when times were challenging and different this year. Thank you for your support, motivation, and leadership. Thank you for following our company values while focusing on our partner’s needs and ensuring safe self-service conveniences were at every location.

Our iCASH (Innovation, Collaboration, Accountability, Service, and Harmony) values have helped us not only work towards the same goal but build even greater teams, provide excellent customer service and maintain stronger partnerships.

Our Partners 

We wouldn’t be global micro market leaders if it weren’t for our partners around the world. 2020 taught us that together, we can do great things. Thank you for your continued trust in us for all of your foodservice convenience needs.

From working together on new 2020 business strategies to re-grand openings with our market advocates to growing into new market spaces with new 365 innovative technologies, every unique 365 partnership continues to be our focus.

Three Sisters Organization

Did you know that we partner with Three Sisters: Trois Soeurs Charity to help make a difference in hundreds of families’ lives every year?

Three Sisters is an inspiring group of women whose combined love of Benin, West Africa, has helped families improve their living conditions and provide children with educational opportunities.

We are proud to contribute each year to their charity, and this year, we have donated on your behalf! In the past, we’ve sent 365 partners gifts made in Benin, but this year, we felt the best way to make a more significant difference was by donating in your honor.

These donations continue to help provide tutors, school supplies, and a new well for the community. We are humbled by the love we see in these families’ faces and encourage everyone this year to give back if they can!

Three Sisters 2020 in Review:

This year was full of making differences and bringing more to our community, all with the help of 365.

Three Sisters provided tutoring and held a kids summer camp for those who have never had an art class before! 365 sponsored the meals during the camp so that everyone could enjoy a protein-rich meal during their five days of the camp.

We also took them to the artwork exhibition, which was full of artwork based on Benin’s folktales. For some kids, this was their first time going to a museum. Some of the art was created by kids in the program during the summer camp.

We held our annual holiday party, which was a blast! It’s the one time a year most of these families get together to celebrate the accomplishments of their children who have gone to school.

This year’s proud accomplishment was the 365 sponsored well, built by hand by Ali Albaka and his team of artisans. Their community of over 300 people had to move due to an outbreak of COVID near where they lived. The nearest water point was a two-mile walk in their new location, which you can imagine was hard on them. With the help of 365, they now have water close by, and they can spend their time working on artisan goods (adults) and going to school (kids).

A special thank you video from the students

Well, 2020, you were full of accommodations, surprises, and unforgettable moments.

We’re thankful for the opportunities to grow and change. You taught us how to build stronger partnerships, create even more innovative self-service technologies, work better together, and expand as a team, community, and industry.

We’re ready for 2021! We can’t wait for you to join us on next year’s 365 adventure!