Carmen Collie is back at it again this week with Dan McKeever from Snacks Plus Vending, talking touchless transactions℠ and how his team is weathering the storm.

Snacks Plus Vending has had an interesting two months with their small team. As with most operators, business has been down for them.

Instead of dwelling on the negatives, McKeever’s team is focused on getting back to business. They have been hard at work, talking to customers, and listening to what their needs will be once employees are back in the office.

During this time, each customer has needs that are a little different than the other.
McKeever shared that one customer is focused on minimizing touchpoints within their micro market. Another wants to ensure that social distancing can be practiced in their micro market. These are the type of requests that operators will recognize as “the new norm.”

As a result, Snack Plus Vending is looking for new solutions to these problems. McKeever explains that his team has been slow to migrate to the ADM platform from 365 Retail Markets. They are now in high gear, trying to be converted over so that his forty-five micro markets can utilize the Touchless Transactions℠ technology from 365 Retail Markets.

Most importantly, McKeever and the Snacks Plus Vending team has focused on communicating with their customers. McKeever shared that one of his customers wanted to focus on illuminating touchpoints within their market. His customers built a bracket for their coolers which enable micro market users to open the coolers with their foot—an entirely different type of touchless transaction.

This highlights how important it is for operators to talk to their customers. This is the sort of thinking that keeps the convenience services pivoting in such uncertain times. It helps enable micro markets to safely operate and do business.

In a different vein, McKeever shared how he has been keeping sane during the quarantine. He has been focusing on projects around the house and has had the occasional monopoly game with his family.

To sum it up, McKeever and the team are feeling the turbulence caused by this pandemic. However, they are not letting it bring them to their knees. McKeever and Snacks Plus Vending has 365 Retail Markets to lean on during this time. We will do what we can to help their team get back to business as smoothly as possible.

Make sure you watch the full interview in the video below. And if you haven’t already, check out our last two interviews with Mikal McMath from M&M Sales, and Dick Hanson from Buffalo rock.

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