Our very own Carmen Collie is back at it again interviewing Mikal McMath of M&M Sales.

Mikal, a third-generation operator, has been focused on maintaining a safe place for employees and streamlining operations.

As such, weathering the storm is not a new concept for the M&M Sales team. Located along the gulf in Louisiana, they’ve had 73 years of operating in the hard-hit hurricane territory. This experience has helped Mikal and M&M Sales navigate and adapt amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.

M&M Sales is family owned and family-oriented. Mikal’s family is all in the business together (which he quotes is a natural disaster all-together).

During this time, they have been focusing on streamlining their operations, and staying connected with the family, having conversations on what they can do. They want to stay as nimble and as strong as possible. This includes the day-to-day life with his children, in which he shares that their new routine still involves getting dressed in their school uniforms and heading out the RV to do their classes.

M&M Sales is also trying to communicate with the industry on new best practices and how to function coming out of a post-quarantine era. They’re asking how they as a company can help their customers be comfortable with using multi-touch services.

With all this concern around keeping markets clean and customers comfortable, things they plan to implement are hand sanitizer stations around the markets, spray disinfectant, and establishing a new cleaning schedule to keep the markets clean.

Touchless Transactions℠ technologies will also play a large role. As Mikal elaborated in the interview, people’s habits will change. With that change comes a new normal of reducing the amount contact customers will have in public places.

It’s how business will need to be done going forward. Limiting the amount of activity on a micro market kiosk, by allowing customers to check out with the comfort of their own phone, is the key to being a successful micro market coming out of quarantine. Offering this technology to customers will be a game-changer for operators.

Make sure you watch the full interview in the video below. And if you haven’t already, check out our last video with Dick Hanson from Buffalo rock.

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