365 Retail Markets’ CEO,
Joe Hessling will present a seminar at NAMA Tech Talks that will educate 
attendees on the correlation between data and profits.

65 Retail Markets has signed on to be a sponsor of NAMA’s Tech Talks: Leveraging Vending Technology to Increase Revenue, on October 6-7 in Las Vegas, Nev. This new two-part technology seminar is specially designed to help vending and MicroMarket operators stay current with industry-specific technology and learn what innovative applications may best enhance their customer experience and integrate seamlessly into their business plan.

“I am honored to have been asked to participate in NAMA’s Tech Talks,” says 365’s CEO, Joe Hessling, “There is so much to share and to learn at these events, I am looking forward to it…”

Hessling will also give a presentation on the importance of collecting and using data to have a successful MicroMarket. 365 Retail Markets prides itself on having the most scalable data solution in the industry.

“There is so much hype in the technology world, it is easy to get lost in it. Big data is at the core of MicroMarkets and 365 knows what to do with it, I plan on sharing details on the what, why and how at the NAMA Tech Talk,” says Hessling.

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