From Touchless Transaction℠ technology to consumer engagement – the power of the 365Pay app will help you engage, enhance, enable, and expand your micro market business.   

365pay app image for a micro market businessMaybe you are looking for the next step in your micro market business. 

Maybe you are thinking about your micro market business in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and after 

Or perhaps you are looking to start a new business and learning about new technologies.   

Regardless of your reasons, if you are looking for ways to improve or begin your micro market business, you have ended up in the right place. The easiest way to begin is to upgrade your technology for the new normal 

The 365Pay app is exactly what you need—a seamless and safe checkout experience that minimizes the time and contact that customers experience while making a purchase. Through the power of the 365Pay app, you can engage, enhance, enable, and expand your micro market business.     

Micro Market Engagement with 365Pay 

Engagement is an easy way to get customers excited about your micro market business. Specifically, with the 365Pay app, you can connect with your customers on a one-to-one level, sending them relevant and personal content right into the app. The 365Pay app can be used with other products in the 365 Connected Campus for your micro market businessFor example, you can leverage the power of the Connected Campus℠ promotional engine on mobile to give customers discounts, create product bundles, and more.  

Likewise, you can create loyalty, encouraging customers to continue to engage with your micro market. Through the 365Pay app, you can offer a reason for customers to have repeat business, and you can partner with clients to incentivize healthy products.  

In all, keeping and maintaining customer engagement in your micro market will be critical to its success. With this app, you can efficiently keep and maintain those customers.    

Micro Market Enhancement with 365Pay 

Payroll Deduct on the 365Pay App for you micro market businessIn addition to the engagement capabilities of the 365Pay app, it also possesses the ability to enhance the current operations in your micro market business.   

When you think about enhancing and improving your micro market, you should think of how to make administrative processes efficient. One way the 365Pay app does this is the Payroll Deduct feature. You can customize by a client with spending limits, batch frequency, and import/export tools to make administration easy.  

Another area of focus is on improving your marketing. You can step up your marketing with custom branding of the 365Pay app. Apply your company branding to the 365Pay app and make it your own, complete with app store publishing and ongoing management.   

Micro Market Enabling with 365Pay 

Give your customers more! The 365Pay app enables customers to have more options to safely purchase snacks and meals from a micro market.   

365Beacon paired with the 365Pay app for your micro market businessFor example, imagine being a customer in your micro market in a post-COVID-19 office space. You will want to touch as little as you can, but you still need lunch or your afternoon snack. You worry about having to touch commonly shared spaces, but then you remember – you have the 365Pay app! Just select the snack you want and checkout right from your personal phone, all without having to touch public surfaces 

The example above is possible when the 365Pay app is paired with the 365 Beacon. The 365 Beacon is easy to install in almost any micro market and is a game-changer for the new normal. You can give your customers the freedom (and safety) to scan & pay on their own phone. This peace of mind will help you keep customers returning to your micro market business.  

Likewise, dining programs will also want to create this sense of security for their customers. Through the power of 365Pay, 365Dining locations can now offer customers the OrderAhead feature. Customers can purchase their lunch through the app which reduces the number of people interacting with cashiers and the number of people waiting for their food.   

The 365Dining OrderAhead feature also has benefits for the dining operator! OrderAhead gives you easier administration, allows you to upsell items, shorten lines in your locations, and efficiently get more patrons through your cafeteria—all with minimal investment. It just takes the 365Pay app.  

Micro Market Expansion with 365Pay 

You may have heard us oh-so-humbly brag about being the global industry leader for micro market technology—and there’s a good reason for that. We have expanded our technologies to operate in markets all over the world.  

Specifically, the 365Pay app is available in ten different countries, and that number grows every year. We even have the app translated into seven local languages and currencies!  

With this global expansion, it is not surprising that we process over one million transactions per month. The best part about this for our European friends and operators is that the 365Pay app is fully GDPR compliant.  

To sum it up, the 365Pay app gives you incredible options when it comes to micro market technology. You can: 

  • Engage your customers with micro market promotions and incentivize them to keep coming back 
  • Enhance your customers’ experiences in your micro market with features like Payroll Deduct 
  • Enable your customers to make safe purchases in your establishment, earning and keeping their trust  
  • Expand your business and trust that 365 Retail Markets can grow with you  

The power of the 365Pay app will change your business for the better, but only if you add it to your micro market. If you haven’t already, reach out to us. We are here to help you start and grow your micro market business today!  

The 365Pay app is available on Google Play
The 365Pay app is available in the Apple Store

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