Do you have a multi-floor location? Do you have a location that already houses vending machines, but would like to add a MicroMarket? Is the cafeteria too cumbersome to get to for that 2 p.m. snack? The 365 Connected Campus was developed to fill those spaces with the best technology in the industry. You can mix and match 365 MicroMarket kiosks, nanomarketTM, AirVends, 365 Inside, and ReadyTouch dining technology throughout the entire location to create a unique breakroom experience throughout the company. At the heart of the Connected Campus is the 365Pay app. 365Pay is the best way for your customers to interact with the Connected Campus and enjoy all of the delicious snacks and beverages you’re already providing. Your customers will appreciate being able to access their account from one mobile app. They’ll be able to:

  • Make purchases on any 365 device
  • Add funds to their account
  • Review purchase history and account info

And the benefits for you are just as great! Standardized messaging, branding and promotions will help your business run more efficiently and increase brand loyalty. And let’s face it, most people rarely leave their phones behind. With the 365Pay app, your customers will have instant access to their funds and will be more likely to spend more per transaction. Like 32% more! The 365Pay mobile app is simple to download and works on any Apple or Android device.

Contact 365 today to start your connected campus!