(CHICAGO) – Michigan Congressman Dave Trott (R-11th Dist.) visited 365 Retail Markets in Troy, Michigan on March 29.

During his visit, Congressman Trott met with 365 Retail Markets CEO, Joe Hessling, NAMA GA Committee Chair, Jeff Smith, NAMA SVP of Government Affairs, Eric Dell and 365’s employees. He participated in a briefing and tour to meet the company’s employees and obtained a first-hand view of their operations and the industry. This meeting was a result of a relationship created during the 2015 DC Fly-In. During the visit, the Congressman addressed a variety of questions and expressed interest in meeting with industry leaders and his constituents once again during NAMA’s July 2016 Fly-In.

“It was an honor to have Congressman Trott visit 365 and see our operation first-hand,” Hessling said. “During our time together, we discussed our business and the future of the refreshment services industry, specifically as it relates to technology and MicroMarkets. It was truly a valuable opportunity to demonstrate the power and scope of the refreshment services industry with our Congressman,” he continued. “We have been looking forward to showcasing our commitment to our customers and employees and the impact our business and fellow industry businesses have on the state of Michigan,” he concluded.

The visit to 365 Retail Markets confirmed my belief that hard-working business people continue to strengthen our economy and workforce by expanding opportunity and creating jobs. I applaud Joe and his staff on their entrepreneurial spirit and their support of the competitive, free enterprise system,” said Congressman Trott.

“I would like to thank Congressman Trott for his visit to 365 Retail Markets. His visit is part of an enhanced effort by the NAMA Government Affairs Division to continue to educate elected officials on our industry,” said Jeff Smith, the Chair of NAMA’s Government Affairs Committee. “It is essential to our advocacy efforts to educate lawmakers at our place of business. This is another example of the results of the DC Fly-In and why industry leaders should plan to join us in DC this July to meet with their elected representatives.”