Can you believe it? It’s already Thanksgiving! It seems as if it was just yesterday we were spending our days under the summer sun.

It’s now Thanksgiving- a time to count our blessings, reflect on what we’re thankful for and enjoy time with our family and friends (Oh, and eat too much turkey).

Before you relax watching football and pass the mashed potatoes and gravy across the Thanksgiving table, ask yourself, what are five things I am thankful for this year?

At 365, we have many things to be thankful for today and everyday, but here is a list of our top five things we are thankful for this Thanksgiving:

Devoted Customers

First and foremost, we’re beyond thankful for every single one of our customers and the close relationships we have built along the way! It brings us great enjoyment to hear all of your success stories.

You are the whole reason why we exist!

Dedicated Support Team

We’re thankful for our rock star Support teams commitment to quality service and being there for our customers 24-7. They’re always ready to help and dedicated to resolve any customer matter or question that comes their way.

Innovative Product & Development Teams

We’re thankful for our pioneers of innovation, our Product & Development teams! They are the reason why we continue to offer industry-leading technology time and time again.

They are always striving to design and develop the next best thing for our customers to make their lives a little bit easier.

Guardians of Our Galaxy- IT & Security Teams

Your data is always safe, secure and protected thanks to our IT and Security teams.

They ensure we are up to date with current credit card processing regulations and ensure we are always PCI certified and PCI PA-DSS validated.

We’re grateful that they’re dedicated to our customer’s well-being!

Growing Rock Star Team

The 365 team is continually growing and without our hard working and goal-oriented family, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Big shout out to the teams not mentioned above- Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Production, International, Strategy, Logistics, Implementation, Operations, Quality Assurance, and Project Management- you are what keeps all of the wheels turning!

Everyone plays a huge part in our growth and shapes our success and culture!

From our dedicated customers to our rock star teams, we love what we do and are grateful for every milestone, goal, challenge and opportunity.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!