August iCASH Winners and Anniversaries

July’s iCASH winners have passed the iCASH mugs on…

Innovation – Tyler D’Orazio for the excellent customer support he provides in addition to the support he gives to the development team while we are trying to resolve issues.  Any time we are presented with a case, we are provided all of the necessary details and Tyler always makes himself available to answer any questions and work with us through the problem. Thank you Tyler!

Collaboration – Alvita Dixon for her never-ending positive attitude, and willingness to help research difficult issues.

Accountability – Jeff Griffiths is accountable for every issue that occurs on the back table with the kiosks on it. Any time a kiosk has an issue he takes responsibility for it and resolves the issue. The issues that he takes accountability for are not even caused by him.

Service – Mallory Rajter (pictured) is always quick with a response to a question, and a pleasure to work with.  She also helped me with my verii account!  Thanks Mallory!

Happiness – Michelle Zackey (pictured) always has a positive attitude and provides a positive atmosphere for all the employees.

August Anniversaries


Jeffrey Griffiths – Production

Audrey D’ Silva – Development

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