Innovation: Darin Shintani has a solid understanding of our database structure. He is also a team player, and is willing to provide suggestions and helps our developers to ensure we have correct data in our productions. 

Collaboration: Kristina Buffa’s hard work with the 365 Blood Drive and helping me with day-to-day business has been greatly appreciated. She always has a smile on her face and is a pleasure to work with.  

Accountability: Melissa Baldauf in Production. You can always count on her to get her work done, and then anything extra that may get thrown in there too. She’s a shining example of a great employee.

Service: Lindsay Klintworth for always providing outstanding service to our top customers, and for continued efforts to expand our sales of all of our products.

Happiness: Chris Andrick is always helping with a smile on his face. Many thanks for all that you do, Chris!

August Anniversaries

1 Year

Rita Blaty

Carl Mouritsen

Mark Faught

2 Years

Jeff Griffiths

7 Years

Susan Alderman

Left-to-right: Rita Blaty, Carl Mouritsen, Mark Faught, Jeff Griffiths