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Run a Streamlined Warehouse

LightSpeed warehouse solutions provide you with the tools you need to run a tighter operation. Utilise the best warehouse management systems to reduce labor costs, reduce mispicks, and take control of your warehouse without breaking the bank.

Create easy prekitting workflows for better efficiency.

Reduce mispicks through visual, easy-to-follow cues.

Increase warehouse pick speed for all products.

Enjoy rapid implementation and on-site training.

Run alongside all major VMS and micro market systems.


Reduce warehouse labors costs for as little as $25 a day.

For smaller warehouse operations, trust the Xpress mobile warehouse solution to boost labor efficiency, reduce overtime, and cut down on mispicks. Xpress utilises a tablet mounted on any mobile cart or pallet jack to help your warehouse personnel pick with confidence.

Here’s how it works:

  • Xpress directs your worker through the warehouse on an efficient route
  • Enable personnel to pick multiple orders at one time
  • Consult product images on screen to assist with accuracy
  • Easily change actual picked quantities made on the line and report to VMS
  • Forces confirmation of the pick item, ensuring focus and accuracy
  • Eliminate overtime and watch Xpress pay for itself
LightSpeed Warehouse Solutions Xpress best warehouse management systems
LightSpeed Warehouse Solutions FastTrack V2 best warehouse management systems

FastTrack V.2

Run a better warehouse through a robust pick-to-light system.

Ideal for operators with 8+ routes, this pick-to-light order fulfillment system enables larger businesses to reduce warehouse needs, redeploy personnel, and combat labor shortages.

FastTrack V.2 is:

  • The most trusted order pick system in convenience services
  • An easy-to-use LED light technology that directs pre-kitting activities
  • Backed by turn-key installation process with training
  • The key to reducing labor costs while running a smoother warehouse
  • Essential for operators looking to save money in their pick lines.

LightSpeed Level

Boost warehouse efficiency through powerful software.

Level helps you consolidate information from around your warehouse to truly understand and optimise your warehouse inventory and purchasing needs. One of the absolute best warehouse management systems available today.

Helpful Software for a Better Warehouse

  • Optimise inventory: See on-hand product quantities at any time
  • Increase efficiency: Cut ordering time with suggested purchase quantities
  • Maximise warehouse space: Reduce inventory levels by 15% – 20%
  • Automate receiving: Verify products received against Purchase Orders and identify discrepancies immediately
  • Streamline purchasing: Use sales velocity data and current inventory levels to suggest optimal purchasing

“I can say with great confidence that our efficiency and accuracy are 100% attributed to LightSpeed Automation.”

– Jared Detwiler, One Source

“The quickest ROI I’ve had on any technology I’ve purchased in my career is LightSpeed.”

– Bradlee Whitson, K&R Vending Services

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