In this episode of A Minute with Marler, David Marler visits the bustling warehouse of Seventh Wave Refreshments to focus on an exciting trend that has gained tremendous momentum in the beverage industry: prekitting beverages.

David, with his wealth of knowledge, provides an answer to a frequently asked question: Are picking with lights significantly faster than using iPads? The resounding response is an emphatic yes! He highlights the advantages of this innovative approach—no more scrolling through images on a tablet, the ability to concentrate on one order at a time, and the simplicity of selecting the correct product by merely examining the light and SKU information. The example he uses is the FastTrack V.2, which you can check out here.

Efficiency is the name of the game, and David emphasizes the importance of investing in carton flow shelving to maximize productivity. By utilizing carton flow racks for miscellaneous beverages, pickers can swiftly access numerous SKUs with minimal steps. However, he acknowledges that high-volume beverages require a different strategy, as constantly restocking shelves is not conducive to efficiency. To address this, a clever solution involving a pallet beam and LightSpeed lights mounted over the pallets is presented, enabling pickers to locate and retrieve high-volume items effortlessly.

In conclusion, optimizing the efficiency of your beverage line lies in understanding the distinction between items that should be picked off pallets and those suited for carton flow shelves. By implementing the right strategies, such as investing in lights and carton flow shelving, you can revolutionize your operations. If you’re intrigued and eager to explore the possibilities, pay a visit to Seventh Wave’s warehouse, where experts will be more than happy to assist you in developing the ultimate pick line for your facility.

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