Stockwell is an AI-powered smart cabinet that is currently making waves in the unattended retail space. With secure checkout and just walk away technology, Stockwell provides a new avenue for operators to grow their business.

Have questions about Stockwell? This FAQ provides a comprehensive overview of Stockwell, the innovative retail solution designed for businesses aiming to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency. Read more to find answers to common questions about Stockwell and its versatile capabilities. 


What are some ideal locations for Stockwell?  

  • Semi-public areas with high traffic or captive audiences. Think of places like car dealerships, hospitals, airports, college campuses, etc. Or, you can add Stockwell to an existing micro market account to extend your markets’ footprint. 

How does Stockwell recognize which products are taken? 

  • Stockwell uses computer vision technology via 9 strategically placed cameras to see what product was selected from which area. 

Do customers need to scan the products on the cashless device?  

  • No, the customer does not have to scan any product on the Pico payment terminal itself. They simply authorize payment, pick a product, close the door, and walk away! 

Is Stockwell refrigerated or ambient?

  • It’s both! Stockwell has a refrigerated section on the right side and an ambient section on the left side. This allows you to stock both refrigerated and pantry items, which gives you more opportunities to sell. 

Can someone grab refrigerated and ambient products during one transaction?

  • Yes – Stockwell does close the transaction very quickly after both doors are closed, so a customer would need to open the second door before the first one closes. Or, you can open one side immediately after closing the other. 

Can Stockwell replace my vending machines? 

  • Potentially! Stockwell is competitively priced compared to purchasing a new vending machine. It also allows you to elevate a typical vending machine with a cleaner aesthetic and more product variety. Depending on the location and the clientele, it may be the perfect replacement for a vending machine.

What products work well in Stockwell?

  • Typical vending products work great. However, Stockwell is also suited to providing high margin items that don’t traditionally fit inside vending machine spirals.

How do customers unlock the doors? 

  • Stockwell doors will be unlocked by either using a credit card or scanning the QR code within the 365pay app. 

Can you bank Stockwells together? 

  • No, currently you cannot bank Stockwell units. However, multiple Stockwell units can reside in the same market. The consumer will need to issue payment at each individual Stockwell device to open that specific Stockwell and complete their purchase(s).

Does Stockwell work with other 365 technology?

  • Yes, Stockwell is part of the 365 Connected Campus, so you can offer it alongside micro markets, smart coolers, or even traditional vending machines. 

What is the general capacity of a Stockwell? 

  • For both sides (ambient and refrigerated) of the Stockwell, with a standard 20 fl oz. bottle or a 12 fl oz can offerings and standard pushers, the total capacity is 140 units. With a typical product offering 2 oz bags of chips and/or snacks in the ambient side, an average capacity per shelf is 36 units.  If stocking standard 4 oz bags of chips and/or snacks in the ambient side, an average capacity per shelf is 20 units. If stocking candy bars in the ambient side, an average total capacity is 560 units, with 140 units per shelf. 

What type of internet connection does Stockwell need? 

  • Stockwell will receive internet through the cellular OptConnect devices which are inside the Stockwell unit. 

What is the onboarding process for Stockwell? 

  • Onboarding for customers new to Stockwell begins with a remote training session and then continues with a visit from a 365 Professional Services Technician in-person at the customer’s facility or on-site at a Stockwell 2.0 installation. 

How do I prevent fraudulent cards from being used at my Stockwell?

  • Cards are charged a pre-authorization amount of $10 by default but can be as low as $1. Operators have the choice of setting this. 

How do you get a receipt? 

  • Customers simply enter their text or email on the Stockwell’s Pico device. 

How do you see the price of the product?  

  • Touch the magnifying glass icon on the Pico device. Then, scroll through to see available products and prices. 

Stockwell is not just a retail solution; it’s a tool for business growth and increased customer satisfaction. To unlock these exciting possibilities or dive deeper into what Stockwell can offer your business, reach out to our team with the form below. Together, we can redefine retail experiences and elevate your business to new heights. 

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