Lightspeed_Logo 2017.03.01-01

Lightspeed Automation is now available with the nanomarket™! 

Increase sales and manage your inventory at the speed of light with the combined effort of 365 Connected Campus℠ and Lightspeed Automation.

In addition to the new Lightspeed integration, the new software powering the nanomarket and the 365 Connected Campus has loads of new features designed to help you reach your customers and increase revenue.

  • 365Pay app – the best way to interact with the 365 Connected Campus
  • Initial Balance Concept – save money and Go-Live smarter by giving real money to real customers only when they log in at the kiosk for the first time.
  • P2PE Credit Card Encryption – clients and consumers alike can be confident that their transactions are secure. This makes conversations with client IT departments much easier!
  • QuickPay – check out without touching a single button! Simply scan your product, followed by the 365Pay app QR code, or barcoded card and check out in three seconds or less!
  • Email and SMS Receipts – now any consumer, including anonymous credit card purchasers can receive receipts. Account users can also see purchase history directly in the 365Pay app.

The 365 Connected Campus is bringing your locations unprecedented breakroom and dining options that you can build your way.  

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365 Connected Campus℠