Name: Ryan McWhirter

Current Job Title: Director of Product

Years in Industry: 7.5

Years with 365: 4

What is your favorite project that you have worked on thus far?

Our recent launch of Mobile Inventory 2.0. It’s had far-reaching benefits for most of our customers and the new scanner case we launched alongside the site has been very well received.

What inspires you?

Evolution over revolution. Seems backward, but it’s much more difficult to refine something people already have and convince everyone it’s worth buying all over again. Anyone can make something new and find a small audience for it.

What was your favorite piece of childhood technology?

My Talkboy, that tape recorder thing that Kevin had in Home Alone 2. It was my first ‘big purchase’ as a nine-year-old for $20, all singles.

What advice would you give to recent new hires?

Listen, take notes and ask questions. I didn’t know the difference between AVI and an MKL when I started. Our industry and organization are rich with acronyms and abbreviations, so the best way to learn is to listen then ask.