Our team had the opportunity to visit 365 customer, Executive Refreshments, during the NAMA Show week showcasing a handful of our technologies.

Some products included 365 Advertising, the world’s first data and advertising marketplace built on true point-of-sale data. 365 Advertising connects you with brands looking to place their products on your kiosks’ home screens, creating new revenue streams.

We also showcased our VMS, which helps operators sell more, spend less, and optimize operations. The 365 VMS allows you to service your points of sale right when they need it, helps you service your machines faster, and run in-depth reporting to better understand your operation.

We also demonstrated 365 Warehouse Solutions, which provide you with the tools you need to run a tighter operation, like reducing labor costs, reducing mispicks, and taking control of your warehouse without breaking the bank.

It was a pleasure spending time with you at the event. Let’s talk about how these solutions can help your business grow.

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