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What is SmartHQ?2017-06-15T18:51:50-04:00

SmartHQ is the central hub for all of our Smart services. From SmartHQ, you can access and manage MicroMarket data, security systems, customer information, sales/inventory reports and manage each item in your store – from price to tax.

What is SmartInventory?2017-06-15T18:51:17-04:00

SmartInventory is our mobile-friendly inventory application, designed to make short work of both your routine daily stocking and your monthly physical inventory. SmartInventory has two modes: Perpetual and Physical.

Perpetual Inventory allows you to scan an item’s UPC, and will report back how many of these items are currently in your inventory. You can adjust this number if you are adding or removing items from stock using a simple (+,-) system.

Physical Inventory allows you to quickly set or reset your inventory levels, without regard to what is currently in inventory. In Physical Inventory mode, when you scan an item, it will ask you for the quantity in the store, and replace your current inventory number, with the new amount input.

SmartInventory can be used on most mobile devices including our SmartTablet Inventory Bundle, iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and many others.

What is SmartSecurity?2017-06-15T18:49:48-04:00

SmartSecurity is 365’s digital video recording package. It can be monitored remotely using an online web-based video surveillance system. Access your MicroMarket for a live feed, as well as view recorded footage to ensure a secure marketplace.

Can I receive receipts by email or text?2017-06-15T18:48:23-04:00

Yes, you can.

Do you offer multi-language support?2017-06-15T18:47:46-04:00

Yes, currently, we offer Spanish, French in the near future before expanding to additional languages.

How many payment methods does your system currently support?2017-06-15T18:47:16-04:00

We currently support four (4) different payment methods – account (i.e. Market Card, Fingerprint, Employee ID or Payroll Deduct), cash and credit or debit card and mobile.

Does 365 provide fixtures, coolers, etc?2017-06-15T18:46:45-04:00

No, however, we work with a variety manufacturers that we can put you in contact with for consultation.

Does 365 offer financing?2018-01-05T23:05:06-05:00

Yes, we currently work with a 3rd party company that can assist you with financing your kiosk. Our partner is First Lease Inc, ask us for more information about this program!

Can I use an existing Merchant Account for credit card acceptance?2017-06-15T18:30:59-04:00

Yes, so long as your provider is 911 Gateway compliant.

Can I link multiple kiosks together?2017-06-15T18:29:57-04:00

Yes, you can utilize multiple kiosks in the same breakroom and allow them to pool their sales and inventory data for reporting purposes. This is called a Multi Kiosk Link (MKL) and can be integrated into your location for a one-time setup fee.

How much can I expect my revenue to increase?2017-06-15T18:24:55-04:00

You can typically expect revenue to increase by 50-300% over traditional vending depending on your location and volume.

What do I need to get started?2018-01-08T18:29:00-05:00

Dedicated Space for your MicroMarket to be installed, an electrical power source for our 365 MicroMarket equipment, and open Internet access for our web-based operation tools.

Where can I open a MicroMarket?2017-06-13T17:52:55-04:00

While MicroMarkets can be opened anywhere, we suggest a closed environment or shared community space. Within these locations, customers are encouraged to become repeat buyers and losses can be minimized.

Can I receive training on the setup and operation of my kiosk?2017-06-13T17:52:24-04:00

Yes, you can schedule live or online training to ensure a smooth and well-informed opening of your new MicroMarket.

How does 365 protect their customers’ credit card data?2017-06-13T17:54:07-04:00

365 is the only manufacturer in the industry that is PCI PA-DSS Certified, ensuring your data and information are always secure and protected. We do not store any credit card information on the kiosk or in our databases. All credit card transaction data is sent over encrypted channels directly to the credit card processor.

What is a MicroMarket?2017-06-13T17:50:57-04:00

A MicroMarket is an unattended store, utilizing a self-checkout kiosk as the payment station. MicroMarkets can sell anything, though they are typically stocked with convenience items. They can be easily integrated into an office or community space as an alternative to vending.

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