What is a micro market?2020-06-08T10:45:32-04:00

Self-checkout convenience stores that offer a variety of fresh food, beverage and snack options 24/7/365, from open shelves, coolers, or freezers. Making purchases is simple, due to cashless options such as a value market account via a micro market mobile app.

Why should I install a micro market?2020-06-08T10:44:18-04:00

As the advancement of technology grows around us, the demand for convenience technologies in foodservice is becoming priority. Meeting consumers’ needs where they spend most of their time is something that the industry can no longer look past.

Where can I open a MicroMarket?2020-06-08T10:45:11-04:00

While MicroMarkets can be opened anywhere, we suggest a closed environment or shared community space. Within these locations, customers are encouraged to become repeat buyers and losses can be minimized.

What do I need to get started?2020-06-08T10:45:07-04:00

Dedicated Space for your MicroMarket to be installed, an electrical power source for our 365 MicroMarket equipment, and open Internet access for our web-based operation tools.

Why are micro markets better than having vending machines?2020-06-08T10:44:00-04:00

With micro markets you can increase your gross sales as much as 4X and profitability as much as 300% from vending.

Traditional vending machines:

  • Are clunky
  • Offer unhealthy snacks
  • Provide fewer options
  • Products get stuck in the machine

Whereas, micro markets provide:

  • Modern breakroom design
  • Cashless payment options
  • Fresh food 24/7/365
  • Variety of food options at your fingertips
How will micro markets benefit me (the company client) and my employees?2020-06-08T10:44:04-04:00

By moving from traditional vending to micro markets, you will see volume growth by consumers spending more, receive bigger location opportunities and provide your consumers the convenience that they need.

From the customer standpoint, they will notice an improvement in employee satisfaction, healthier options to fuel their workday, and onsite eatery that encourages collaboration all within their breakroom.

How many employees do you need at my location every day?2020-06-08T10:43:08-04:00

There is not a recommended employee minimum, due to 365 offering a wide variety of technologies that fit any size location.

How much space do you need?2020-06-08T10:43:16-04:00

The 365 ecosystem offers a variety of technologies that fit any size location or space constraint. We are continuously developing innovative convenience with consumers and operators in mind and breaking traditional technology molds with our unconventional versatility.

What kind of utilities are needed?2020-06-08T10:42:58-04:00

You will need a dedicated space with an electrical power source for our 365 MicroMarket equipment, and open internet access for our web-based operation tools. Another helpful tip is to add security cameras and monitor to utilize 365 Cancel Alert feature.

What kind of internet connectivity do you need?2020-06-08T10:42:42-04:00

Micro market kiosks require an Ethernet or hardline connection with a speed of 1MB up and 1MB down. Other 365 products can operate over WiFi connections. For more in-depth information, refer to the “Network Requirements” section of the 365 HelpCenter.

How do you handle theft?2020-06-08T10:42:49-04:00

365 provides you with 365 Cancel Alert with canceled transaction app and display monitor. This feature matches video footage and timestamps to the time of theft and instantly displays captured image of customer when transaction is canceled.

We also partner with leading market security companies, such as March Networks and Panoptyc, who combat theft and keep your markets operating at peak efficiency.

Does 365 provide fixtures, coolers, etc?2020-06-08T10:44:42-04:00

No, however, we work with a variety manufacturers that we can put you in contact with for consultation.

What payment methods are accepted?2020-06-08T10:44:34-04:00

Micro markets offer a variety of payment options that provide customers a quick and easy way to checkout.

Consumers can make purchases by using their mobile market app, debit/credit card, cash or account (i.e. Market Card, Fingerprint, Employee ID or Payroll Deduct).

Do you offer multi-language support?2020-06-08T10:44:27-04:00

Yes, currently, we offer Spanish, French in the near future before expanding to additional languages.

Can I receive training on the setup and operation of my kiosk?2020-06-08T10:45:16-04:00

Yes, you can schedule live or online training to ensure a smooth and well-informed opening of your new MicroMarket.

How does 365 protect their customers’ credit card data?2020-06-08T10:45:28-04:00

365 is the only manufacturer in the industry that is PCI PA-DSS Certified, ensuring your data and information are always secure and protected. We do not store any credit card information on the kiosk or in our databases. All credit card transaction data is sent over encrypted channels directly to the credit card processor.

Does 365 offer financing?2020-06-08T10:44:55-04:00

Yes, we currently work with a 3rd party company that can assist you with financing your kiosk. Our partner is First Lease Inc, ask us for more information about this program!

My employees are frustrated that they can’t get quality fresh food or healthy items. How will you provide that?2020-06-08T10:44:11-04:00

365 provides you with multiple technologies that are the heart of your operations which allows you to have a market environment that offers fresh food and healthy options.

How do my employees make a purchase?2020-06-08T10:43:53-04:00

Just like at a store, select the items you want and then, check out at a self-checkout technology by using a variety of payment methods: market mobile app, cash, credit/debit card, or fingerprint! What’s next? Enjoy your snacks! It’s THAT easy!

Do consumers need to make multiple accounts to check out at different 365 technologies?2020-06-08T10:43:46-04:00

No, you do not! In fact, 365 offers a Global Market Account (GMA), which is a stored value account that consumers can fund and use to make purchases at any GMA-enabled device in the 365 ecosystem. GMA allows consumers to use their unique email address or QR code from the 365Pay mobile app on every GMA device.

Why should my employees sign up for a Global Market Account?2020-06-08T10:43:41-04:00

Consumers want a convenient self-service environment and 365 GMA provides them with one account that they can fund, manage, and checkout at multiple 365 technologies.

Can you offer consumers a loyalty program? How does that work?2020-06-08T10:43:28-04:00

Yes, we offer the 365 Loyalty Program to consumers which is a reward point system for consumers that use a Global Market Account (GMA). Consumers accumulate points with each purchase to redeem for cash-back on their account. This is found on the 365Pay app in the Rewards section of the menu or online at MyMarketAccount.net. You must enable loyalty in order for consumers to enjoy this

I have a lot of employees that visit our other locations, can they use their account there? What about in another state?2020-06-08T10:43:22-04:00

Yes, consumers can use their account anywhere GMA is enabled, which includes out of state locations.

Can someone use GMA without a fingerprint?2020-06-08T10:43:35-04:00

Yes, there are multiple ways a consumer can utilize GMA. GMA requires all users to have a unique ID. Examples are email address, fingerprint, or market payment mobile app.

Can I link multiple kiosks together?2020-06-08T10:45:03-04:00

Yes, you can utilize multiple kiosks in the same breakroom and allow them to pool their sales and inventory data for reporting purposes. This is called a Multi Kiosk Link (MKL) and can be integrated into your location for a one-time setup fee.

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