All of your locations are different— small, large, flexible working hours, production-based— the list of variances goes on. 365 is your personalized self-service partner with the widest variety of convenience offerings— self-payMicroMarketsdiningvending, and OCS solutions— that helps you charge forward and build a one-of-a-kind self-service program at your locations.

Today, let’s get to know the technologies, foodservice verticals for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and the first-ever connected campus that helps you meet consumer’s foodservice needs.

Self-Service Technologies for any size business

365’s mobile solutions such as 365Pay and 365Beacon connect your customers safely, seamlessly, and effortlessly. Want to bring more touchless options? 365 Touchless Vending and Touchless Coffee ensure your customers feel comfortable returning to the office.

Bring convenience to your smaller markets—25-100 employees– or add additional touchpoints at your larger markets with our flexible all-in-one 365Pico Platform. Provide a fresh take on traditional coolers and vending machines with PicoCooler AND updated and advanced vending convenience with PicoVend and PicoVend Mini.

The newest member of the PicoPlatform family is the PicoMarket which is the standalone self-service innovation that was built to be flexible to fit any type or size location. It is also a great way to get into unattended retail with lower startup costs. It’s an enhanced convenience technology that can easily be placed anywhere and everywhere you want your customers to have grab-and-go options.

365’s versatile kiosks, Gen3 and Gen3c, are the industry standard and essential for today’s breakrooms with convenient payment options and easy-to-use and install award-winning self-service technology for businesses with 150+ employees.

The other guys: You get to choose from one or two types of self-service technologies. Out-of-the-box technology that truly only meets the needs of a small percentage of your locations and restricts you to specific opportunities.

Solutions for all foodservice verticals

From OCS to Dining to MicroMarkets, 365 has the self-service technologies needed in all food service areas today. Your consumers don’t want traditional options or one standard foodservice solution. They want a variety of convenience technologies that match their on-the-go lifestyle. 365 has the right convenience innovations for you and your customers.

Do you have international locations? 365 technologies can be found worldwide in six different languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish.

The other guys: They may have you limited again—restricting you to certain market solutions and not offering language flexibility. Don’t they know that all types of foodservice need self-service options around the world?

A Complete Connected Campus

Want to connect all of your location’s self-service technologies and provide them with one complete convenience ecosystem? 365 makes that possible. Mix and match any of your 365 devices and have them all report together!

The 365 Connected Campus℠ is the most innovative convenience option in the industry that seamlessly connects your MicroMarket, OCS, Vending, and Dining technologies all by using one Global Market Account (GMA) and 365Pay— all your consumers need is one mobile app and one account to check out at any 365 technology. Checking out and location management has never been easier.

This complete connected ecosystem was built to ensure your consumers have secure technology at every touchpoint. It’s the first fully integrated consumer experience of its kind.

The other guys: Standard technology with standard reporting and standard connectivity. Wow, it sure sounds like they are setting you up for success.

365 continues to revolutionize the foodservice industry worldwide and stands out amongst the competitors.