This year has been filled with multiple 365 product enhancements bringing operators and consumers around the world better foodservice convenience.

From our focus on exclusive partnerships to the new NanoMarket feature to our 365Pay redesign, we’ve aligned with the future of the foodservice industry by improving our technology, customer service, and offerings.

We have some more good news about our 365Pay app! We’re proud to announce that it’s the official MicroMarket app for the visually impaired! 365Pay is the first mobile payment app in foodservice convenience industry to offer audio-accessibility.

Checking out and managing accounts is now possible for individuals who are visually impaired. The built-in accessibility tools provide users with a swipe and touch-based app that reads what they click on out loud.

365Pay now utilizes iOS Voiceover and Android Talkback, which are built-in accessibility tools and users can enable them via ‘settings’ on their phone. Consumers listen to the audio voice of what they select within the app and easily checkout. By enabling this function only one time, in your current 365Pay app or users can download app and instantly enjoy this new feature.

This new update was announced during the recent National Association for the Blind Convention earlier this month and was highly accepted by the attendees.

The NAFB Convention is the largest gathering of blind people in the world and is a premier event filled with training, support, and information for the blind community. It also serves as a governing body, democratically electing leadership and establishing the year’s organizational priorities.

”It’s nice that the new voiceover option is built-in and that users don’t have to learn new technology or download third-party tools. 365Pay has improved the way we snack!” said Nicholas Gacos, President of National Association of Blind Merchants.

Another perk of 365Pay’s audio-accessibility is that consumers can use the scan and pay feature to check out and purchase fresh food and beverages at any 365 technology within the ConnectedCampus℠.

Check out how it all works!

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