Between running your day-to-day operations, managing inventory, and keeping up with convenience industry trends, you might not reach the revenue growth that you want throughout the year.

A solution that 365 has seen success with is establishing an exclusive convenience service partnership with operators. Strategic partnerships can help with reaching your objectives, goals and more with a focus on introducing new growth opportunities, such as smaller markets (with fewer than 150 employees).

Traditional vending machines do not have the technology to provide healthy and fresh foods to consumers but with the rise of tablet-based kiosks, 365 has opened the door to this untapped market. By partnering with an industry leader, you will be able to provide a variety of fresh and healthy snacks to your smaller locations.

Here are 3 ways an exclusive partner can help you grow into smaller markets.

1. Innovative Technology

The convenience technology at your locations is the heart of your market and your exclusive partner should be able to connect you and your smaller locations with the latest innovative technology, such as a tablet-based kiosk.

One such device, the 365 nanomarket™ is leading the charge in bringing micro market-quality service to these smaller locations. It’s sleek, modern design and cashless payment functionality is bringing the future of convenience services to breakrooms across America, who are looking for an upgrade.

Tablet-based kiosks like the nanomarket will give you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio and expand your business.

2. Strategic Goals

Is one of your business goals this year to expand your smaller locations? Are you unsure how to achieve that alone?

An exclusive partnership means that you’re in the convenience industry together. By partnering with an industry leader, you will be able to determine the right opportunities for you in not only smaller markets, but in other ways you can connect convenience to people at work.

Having a partner who stays on top of convenience technology is important, but if they’re not aligning to your company’s goals and objectives, how will you grow?

3. Dominating Forces

The convenience services industry is growing and smaller locations leave operators with many business opportunities. Partnering with the right exclusive partner is the key in 2019.

Industry leader, 365 Retail Markets, saw the need for joining expert forces and has been leading the way with strategic partnerships with many leading operators across the globe.

“We believe that having the right partner is important as it provides an opportunity for growth, strengthens your business, allows you to achieve your goals and more. 365 is more than just the technology in breakrooms across the world, we are strategic partners that help operators become more successful” said Joe Hessling.

The Takeaway

Your smaller markets want more than just traditional vending machines. By establishing an exclusive partnership with 365, the convenience service leader, you will be able to provide them with innovative technology, achieve your business goals, and dominate the industry!

Ready to dominate the industry?

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