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Why MicroMarkets

As a solution to increase sales, customer service, and employee
satisfaction, all while decreasing operating costs. The most
radical change in at-work foodservice in decades. A small-footprint,
unattended store, offering hundreds of fresh food and wellness
items 24/7/365. A better user experience drives increased sales
yielding higher profitability.

Why 365

365 Retail Markets is a global leader in MicroMarket technology. We offer the entire package,
from the kiosk point of sale to our 24/5 with extended weekend hours support and online
inventory management. MicroMarkets can be installed virtually anywhere. Our proprietary
365 MicroMarket is a 24/7 unmanned self-checkout MicroMarket that can offer fresh food
and beverage alternatives to vending in your workplace. 365 offers a solution to increase sales,
customer service, and employee satisfaction, all while decreasing operating costs.

How We Do It

How do I become involved with 365 in my country?
There are 2 different types of business relationships available with
365 International. Depending on the market and the size of your company,
you can either be an exclusive Distributor of 365 products or you can be a Partner
in the capacity of a Vending Operator. The 365 International team will work with you
to determine which option is best for all parties. With both relationships, 365 will be
there to Support you and your team on this new venture to ensure everyone’s success!

Download Our White Paper

365 have been fantastic to work with. They are committed to our partnership, and endeavour
to meet our ever-changing requirements, with a positive enthusiasm that cannot be
replicated by other companies. Our customers are the sole focus of our business, 365 share
the same philosophy; therefore doing business together has been somewhat simpler, when
common goals are shared.

Ashlee Jewell, Express Vending

Kiosk Features

Customer Service

Operator access & customer account management


Item/category & inventory management


Exportable Financial and Inventory Reports


Intelligent pick list

Easy Setup

Web-based store setup

Credit Card Account Funding

allowing customers to register any number of credit cards to their account

Privacy and Notification Settings

enabling users to opt-out of administrative communications

Web-Based Registration

with a clear, step-by-step process for creating a user account

One Easy Site

(URL may differ by country)

Integrated Payment Services

We ensure compliance with current processing regulations and provide pre-negotiated discount fees on small ticket purchases and direct EFTs to your bank account for all settled card transactions.

Remote Software Updates
and Real-Time Data

Get all the newest innovations with easy, over-the-air updates to the software.

Data Security

Utilizing only the latest technology for secure data transfer. No sensitive credit card data is ever stored in the system itself, and all the data is passed along 128-bit SSL protocols.