Excel in Unattended Retail

It’s time to make convenience more convenient for people around the world.

You can find our innovative self-service technologies at the heart of thousands of the micro markets around the world. We not only provide foodservice modernization but a partnership that’s dedicated to you and your success.

What are Micro Markets?

Micro markets are unattended retail environments that provide fresh food, healthy snacks, meals, and beverages 24/7/365. Just like you would find at a convenience store!

Our innovative point of sale technologies are the heart of micro markets and provide customers around the world a touchless stress-free purchasing experience.

Be a part of the 365 Partnership with the widest variety of unattended retail technologies.

Now Available – 365 PicoPlatform!

Use this versatile self-service solution in multiple locations including breakrooms, vending, coffee corners, and MicroMarkets, offering convenience to consumers whenever they need it!


Bring convenience to smaller locations or streamline the checkout experience in larger markets. It fits on countertops and is a lower cost than traditional vending.


Fuel the day by adding a simple, cashless payment system to your OCS space or coffee corner.

The 365 PicoPlatform is continuously growing! Stay tuned to see what is next to come!

*Limited to select countries, please reach out to your 365 representative to learn more

Industry Standard Kiosks

The Gen3 is the workhouse of the modern-day MicroMarket, the best option for those locations that prefer cashless only. You can find this international best-in-class versatile kiosk in a variety of different types of businesses.

The Gen3c kiosk works the same way but can be configured to either accept cash or become completely cashless thanks to its modular design.

What countries is this available in?


Cashless popularity has grown! And we can pay for almost anything with a simple tap or scan wherever we may be. Cashless payment apps are here to stay and using mobile payments is faster, more convenient and secure than cash or credit/debit cards.


Provide your customers an easy way to snack, so they can quickly get back to what matters!

365Pay app is a single stored value account (Global Market Account) that works seamlessly in Micro Markets and Vending.

What countries is this available in?


Fuel the day by adding a simple, cashless payment system to your OCS space or coffee corner. PicoCoffee fits on machines and in spaces both big and small.

What countries is this available in?

365 Connected Campus

We built a complete connected ecosystem to ensure your consumers have secure technology at every touch point. It’s the first fully integrated consumer experience of its kind. So yes, you can say that we’re everywhere you need us to be.

Seamlessly connect your unattended technologies all by using one Global Market Account (GMA). Which means all your consumers need is one mobile app and one account to check out at any 365 technologies.

365 Connect Campus for International Operators

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what they’re saying on the streets about us.

“Food is flying off the shelves— our employees LOVE the market and appreciate the convenience.”
“365’s technology is easy to use and connects us to fresh food and beverages 24/7/365.”
“We replaced a whole wall of vending machines with a MicroMarket and 365’s Gen3 kiosk. Our employees enjoy the office perk and collaborative atmosphere.”
“The 365Pay App allows us to scan drinks and snacks in our MicroMarket using our phone’s camera— a completely touchless experience. It’s so cool!”

It’s time to bring food service innovation to your customers.
Send us a note. We’re here to help.