Innovation: Carl Mouritsen is always open to new ideas to improve our current products and processes.

Collaboration: Isaac Sweet works on multiple software platforms which requires him to collaborate with multiple teams. 

Accountability: Sonila Nito is always taking on requests that we throw at her, along with her own work that she has going and she handles it in a timely manner.

Service: Adam Maier is always willing to help the Logistics department whenever we are sending out AV units.

Happiness: Josh Thomas is very engaging, extremely friendly and a pleasure to be around. He always makes you feel welcome to the conversation.

January Anniversaries

1 Year

Ziyang Tan

2 Years

Brittany Westerman

Jessica Cox

3 Years

Rob Heller

Paula Mudge

4 Years

Scott Dansbury

Lou Frontero

Mary Ellen Seymour

Sonila Nito

5 Years

Ryan McWhirter

Dan Dolinshek

From left to right: Lou Frontero, Dan Dolinshek, Mary Ellen Seymour, Scott Dansbury, Brittany Westerman, Ryan McWhirter, Sonila Nito