Meeting consumer’s ever-changing needs for fast, safe, and flexible technologies while providing fresh and healthy snacks can be challenging for some, but not for Europe’s market-leading brand, Rustlers, and many other 365 partners around the world.

We recently sat down with Rustlers, where they shared with us their unique story on how the 365 PicoCooler has helped them and their business grow.

The 365 PicoCooler is an innovative self-service solution that meets your consumer’s needs and provides you with more business opportunities to expand into a wider variety of areas.

This industry game-changer with its fresh take on traditional vending provides operators with versatility and an access-controlled self-checkout system that keeps coolers locked and temperatures controlled while providing your guests with cold snacks and beverages.

Learn how you can benefit from the industry’s most talked-about self-service innovation. 

Tell us all about you and your business.

Rustlers is owned by Kepak Group – one of Europe’s leading meat processors is one of the largest food brands in the UK with a further presence across Ireland, Germany, Belgium, and Holland. Since launching in 1999, Rustlers has achieved over 21 years of sustained growth to become the UK’s No.1 Chilled Ready Meals brand. I have been a part of the team at Kepak for 8 years and has been a privilege to support the development and growth of the Rustlers brand which has now seen us enter the market of ‘automated retail’ with the support of 365 retail markets and we are very excited to see this progress.

What challenges were you experiencing, or business objectives were you trying to achieve prior to collaborations with 365?

As Rustlers is the market-leading brand within the Micro Snacking category, we needed a partner who we could trust. 365 stood out due to the 1st class support and ambition to grow. From the first conversation with JeffVeres—365 Program Manager, UK & Europe—and the other members of 365, we knew that Rustlers had found a perfect partner to support us in our ambition to be the market-leading brand within this area as well as our class-leading position already cemented in UK Retail market. 

Why was 365 Retail Markets the answer? What specific technologies did you implement and why?

The COVID19 pandemic has led to a big reassessment of the OOH sector and we wanted to ensure that PicoCooler was the perfect fit for us, enabling strong impactful branding and integration of our ‘heat to eat’ concept meant we could provide a fully rounded automated retail solution for a variety of environments going forward with ease.

Tell us about the specific changes you’ve experienced after partnering with 365? 

Since partnering with 365, we have been able to open and pursue numerous opportunities. This has been huge for us and has enabled us to have conversations and secure business in areas that we had never considered before. This is already having a positive effect with our long-term planning going forward and we will certainly be including 365 in these plans as the technology develops alongside our offering here at Kepak (Rustlers)

What advice would you give other operators who are having similar challenges or looking for the same opportunities you were? Would a 365 partnership be something that you would recommend? Why?

Research the opportunities first – gather your information and make sure it’s the right thing to do for your business. Ultimately, does it make sense for you to do this and does it carry the longevity?

When our partners share success stories like this one, it not only confirms our mission to help facilitate foodservice operator’s success and meet consumer snacking and meal needs but that we’re continuing to revolutionize the foodservice industry around the world one market at a time.

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