AVEX UK Setup with 365 Retail Markets and SV365 Technologies

365 At AVEX

Pictured above: Mattia Tagliaro, Trey Smith, Randy Smith, Bert Wallace, Jessica Cox, Walter Gill, John Chidiac

Another successful show in the books for 365 and SV365 Technologies!

Without the support and collaboration of each of these team members, the show would not have been nearly as successful. Thank you to everyone involved for helping with the setup and tear down of all of the stands! We can always count on you guys, no matter what! Cheers!

AVEX Collage


The Connected Campus℠ Family – MicroMarkets, nanomarket™ and Mobile

Are you ready to take your business to new heights?

The 365 Connected Campus is able to bring your locations unprecedented breakroom and dining options.

Be versatile with MicroMarket Kiosks. Our flagship technology, with the sleek Gen3 (pictured) and the versatile Gen3c. Powered by our newest software platform, the kiosk can accept payments via market cards, fingerprint, cash, credit and the 365Pay mobile app.

•The Connected Campus is also compatible with the Gen2 software. Talk to your sales rep for details.



Set up a small market in a low-traffic area with a nanomarket™. Provide the same quality of service for a fraction of the cost of a kiosk. The modern, tablet-based device pairs well with a simple one-rack, one-cooler setup for quick, convenient snacking.


365 Mobile is the latest addition to the 365 Connected Campus.
Through the use of the 365Pay mobile app and the 365Beacon, quickly upgrade existing locations or transform any space into a fully functioning market. Provide customers with the capability to scan and pay for products directly from their mobile device, ultimately increasing customer throughput. Through the use of a Bluetooth connection, the 365Pay app and the 365Beacon communicate to create a secure and cutting-edge mobile market.

Using Technology to Fight Hunger

IMG_5735 edited

Pictured from left to right: Joe Hessling (365 Retail Markets), Kelly Walter (Berkmar High School), Rebecca Sibole (365 Retail Markets), Stephen Rutkowski (365 Retail Markets), Christine Keane (Lightspeed Automation), Christine Pirtle (Lightspeed Automation) and Randy Smith (Lightspeed Automation)

365 Retail Markets and Lightspeed Automation partner to support Care Closet efforts

By: Rebecca Sibole

Did you know that 64% of low-income parents say it would be difficult to feed their children if they encountered an unexpected expense, like a car repair or medical bill?

Did you know 1 in 6 kids in America is poor enough to face hunger? They live in every kind of community, from cities to rural towns to affluent suburbs.

Did you know most teachers spend $300 of their own money each year buying food for hungry students?

Did you know kids are coming to school hungry? Not every kid starts the day with a good breakfast. 59% of children from low-income families have to come to school hungry.

Did you know being hungry makes it hard to learn? Kids who are hungry can’t focus and do well in school. 46% of children from low-income families say hunger hurts their performance in school. 12% say that sometimes at night they’re too distracted by hunger to do their homework.

Did you know that 74% of educators see students who regularly come to school hungry because they are not getting enough to eat at home? 43% of these see hungry students arrive nearly every day.

365 Retail Markets is excited to announce that they have partnered with the team at Lightspeed Automation to donate their technologies to the Care Closet program and local food banks to help overcome the hunger epidemic our nation’s kids are facing.

On September 6, 2017 members from 365 Retail Markets traveled to Berkmar High School in Lilburn, Georgia to launch their technology with the team of teachers and administrators supporting the Care Closet program within the school of 3,300 students. Also joining the 365 team in supporting the efforts were representatives from Lightspeed Automation, Five Star Food Service and G&J Marketing & Sales.

The 365 Retail Markets Verii technology will help the teachers track inventory in their Care Closet using an app, manage the items needed while keeping all student information anonymous, and identify students’ needs and trends from analysis reporting. The Lightspeed Automation Level technology will help the schools connect with local communities and food banks based on specific wants and needs of the students.

Care Closet-Logo-Final

The Care Closet program is doing their part to help students get the basic needs that are absolutely essential for their academic success.

The Care Closet is a confidential school-based food pantry, found in schools throughout Gwinnett county Georgia, and surrounding states. The pantry is sponsored by various high school clubs, local businesses and non-profit organization as they help support their peers and community members.

This program was founded by two high school students as a response to an issue that cannot be ignored. It’s not simply an informational resource; it serves as an immediate and tangible fix for a very solvable problem.

The Care Closet and overflow at Berkmar High School

The Care Closet and overflow at Berkmar High School

Each day 13 million kids in the US face hunger. They come to school and leave school hungry, leaving them unable to concentrate, perform or focus when their most basic needs are not being met.

Getting the energy they need to learn and grow can be a day-in and day-out challenge. Hunger deprives our kids of more than just food. A child’s chance for a bright tomorrow starts with getting enough healthy food to eat today. 365 Retail Markets recognizes the impact made today helps our kids succeed tomorrow and is motivated to continue supporting the Care Closet program.






Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 10.43.08 AM

How To Tell The Healthy Eating Story To Your Locations

It’s 2017 and the story has been health. Everyone wants to live a healthier lifestyle and they’re increasing their exercise activities and changing their diets in an effort to live this healthier lifestyle. A study conducted by Mintel showed that U.S. consumers are actively taking steps to improve their overall health. “More than half say they eat a healthy diet (52 percent) and exercise regularly (53 percent)”. And corporations are onboard as well. By implementing healthy initiatives and supporting employee work-life balance needs, business leaders are realizing that a healthy employee is a productive employee. With that in mind, there are things as an operator that you can do to help your host locations utilize the MicroMarkets full potential as a supplemental resource for their existing or budding healthy initiatives. Are you telling the healthy eating story to your locations?

What’s the Story?

Food is such a strong cultural bond in societies, and the same will hold true within a corporation. For locations just beginning to implement healthy initiatives, show them how healthy foods in a MicroMarket can aid in fostering a strong company culture and can become an integral part of their internal healthy campaigns. One idea is to offer incentives for purchasing healthy snacks and drinks, either through market benefits, i.e. purchase 10 select healthy items and get a percentage off of the next order or company benefits, i.e. discounted gym memberships, gifted step trackers. By using incentives, healthy eating through the MicroMarket can become a game with real rewards for success.


Another thing to consider when telling the healthy eating story to your locations is to talk with them to find out their definition of healthy. All companies do not have the same needs and expectations. Meet with them and present them with options for different items that can be stocked and would count towards any healthy eating plans. Fresh foods like fruit, salad, and low-carb sandwiches are important for lunchtime.

However, for snacks, consider items that are:

High in protein like beef jerky, protein shakes and bars
Low-fat like low-fat yogurt
Fresh veggies and fruits
Low-calorie like popcorn (SkinnyPop is a great option)
Another thing to keep in mind is to provide options for those with food allergies. Offering healthy gluten-free, lactose and dairy-free alternatives is a nice touch.

The biggest takeaway is: find out what they want and deliver!

Increase Visibility

As with all products in your market, the healthy options need to be diverse, appropriate for the location and rotated regularly. But most importantly, make sure the healthy products are visible.

Things to consider:

Play around with the merchandising to determine the best location.
Mark healthy items, especially those that will directly play into the company’s healthy initiatives benefits plan with a special sticker to indicate that they are healthy options.
Add signage – both digital and print – to highlight the healthy snacks.
Send out emails and/or push notifications (for mobile users), highlighting new products or offering discounts.

The Takeaway

The important thing is to make sure that your customers see you as a resource and a partner in their own healthy initiatives. Can you connect them with local dietitians or personal trainers? Can you hold a tasting for new, healthy snacks? Have fun with it and think about the things that would grab your attention. Chances are they will work for your customers as well. It may seem like a lot, but taking the time to develop a healthy MicroMarket plan can go a long way in cementing customer relationships and turning today’s business into lifelong partners.

Wondering what to stock? Check out the list of the Top 5 Healthy Snacks Sold in MicroMarkets to get you started! 


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Mickal McMath Shares The Truth Behind Healthy Micro Markets

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The 365Pay App: One Mobile App. One Account. Multiple Locations

Do you have a multi-floor location? Do you have a location that already houses vending machines, but would like to add a MicroMarket? Is the cafeteria too cumbersome to get to for that 2 p.m. snack? The 365 Connected Campus was developed to fill those spaces with the best technology in the industry. You can mix and match 365 MicroMarket kiosks, nanomarketTM, AirVends, 365 Inside, and ReadyTouch dining technology throughout the entire location to create a unique breakroom experience throughout the company.

At the heart of the Connected Campus is the 365Pay app. 365Pay is the best way for your customers to interact with the Connected Campus and enjoy all of the delicious snacks and beverages you’re already providing. Your customers will appreciate being able to access their account from one mobile app. They’ll be able to:

  • Make purchases on any 365 device
  • Add funds to their account
  • Review purchase history and account info

And the benefits for you are just as great! Standardized messaging, branding and promotions will help your business run more efficiently and increase brand loyalty. And let’s face it, most people rarely leave their phones behind. With the 365Pay app, your customers will have instant access to their funds and will be more likely to spend more per transaction. Like 32% more!

The 365Pay mobile app is simple to download and works on any Apple or Android device.

Contact 365 today to start your connected campus!


365 Retail Markets Announces the 365 Connected Campus℠ with Global Market Accounts

Troy, MI – August 15, 2017 – 365 Retail Markets, the global leader in MicroMarket technology – offering a best in class POS platform for the vending, foodservice and hospitality industry – proudly announces its new Connected Campus℠. The 365 Connected Campus provides foodservice operators with an innovative and connected portfolio of products to satisfy clients of all sizes. The platform seamlessly connects MicroMarket, OCS, vending and dining products with one Global Market Account (GMA) to create the first fully integrated consumer experience in the workplace.

“Our success in MicroMarkets gave 365 a view of the marketplace from a unique lens,” said Joe Hessling, CEO of 365 Retail Markets, “It allowed us to see what the consumer wanted, what the operators wanted and what the host company wanted. The Connected Campus is a culmination of that experience. It can combine ease of use for the end user, aggregate the operational and support function for the operator and packages it in one place for the host companies.”

365’s new account system, GMA, is central to the Connected Campus platform and will revolutionize the way customers make purchases! GMA allows customers to seamlessly checkout at any 365 MicroMarket, Nanomarket, Vending, or Dining solution that you operate, all while only having to manage one account!

The benefits of GMA don’t stop at the customer. 365 has designed numerous improvements that will impact the way operators do business:

  • The ultimate Connected Campus can use all 365 devices that you operate, whether they’re in the same building or across the country
  • GMA eliminates the 7 MicroMarket MSL with all your markets will be linked together
  • Clients can be offered the industry leading Connected Campus experience for their MicroMarket, Nanomarket, Vending, or Dining needs
  • GMA provides a quick and easy way to checkout, ultimately reducing wait times and increasing customer throughput
  • The 365Pay app allows customers to quickly and easily add funds to their Global Market Account, ultimately increasing the chances of a sale
  • Account balance liabilities are eliminated since 365 will manage all GMA funds
  • The latest industry account and product technology allows you to stay ahead of the curve
  • Connected Campus can increase your reach to customers by taking full advantage of the entire 365 Ecosystem including:
    • MicroMarkets
    • nanomarkets™
    • 365 Inside
    • AV5 and AV7
    • ReadyFlex
    • 365Pay App
    • 365Sidecar

The Connected Campus along with the 365Pay app is available now. For more information or to begin your connected campus, contact our dedicated sales team at or call (888) 365.7382.


About 365 Retail Markets

365 Retail Markets, a rapidly growing self-service technology company with offices in Metro Detroit, Santa Clara, and Provo, creates devices that connect people with products at work. Our proprietary 365 technologies provide a turnkey platform that allows customers to increase sales, improve the end-user experience, and increase profits while reducing operating costs!

For more information about 365 Retail Markets, visit You can also follow 365 Retail Markets on FacebookTwitterYouTube and LinkedIn. 

Press Contact

Jen Tonio, 365 Retail Markets



365 Retail Markets Welcomes New Chief Technology Officer

Troy, MI – August 9, 2017 – 365 Retail Markets is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Krishna Vedula as Chief Technology Officer.

As CTO, Krishna will be responsible for leading the strategic growth of technology and product organizations. Krishna will be integral to 365’s continued success through increased market share and new product introductions. He and his team will also focus on solutions to facilitate the transition of customers to the 365 Connected Campus.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Krishna and very flattered that a leader of his caliber sees the value of 365.” said Joseph Hessling, CEO of 365 Retail Markets.  “Krishna’s experience in payments and business intelligence will be very important to 365 as we continue to rapidly grow in these areas. ”

Krishna brings 20 years of experience leading global technology organizations in companies experiencing explosive growth, both organic and inorganic. His expertise includes leading organizations through transformational change, connecting technology to needs of the business, optimizing costs without compromising either employee engagement or customer experience. While being a technologist at heart, Krishna has a proven track record of leveraging technology-based solutions to drive business value with focus, structure and discipline. He will leverage his vast experience in tele-communications and payments to help understand 365’s customer needs and build innovative solutions.

About 365 Retail Markets

365 Retail Markets, a rapidly growing self-service technology company with offices in Metro Detroit, Santa Clara, and Provo, creates technology that connects people with products at work. Our proprietary 365 technology is used in over 15,000 businesses locations across the United States, Canada, UK and Europe.

For more information about 365 Retail Markets, visit You can also follow 365 Retail Markets on FacebookTwitterGoogle+YouTube and Linkedin.

Press Contact

Jen Tonio, 365 Retail Markets




365 Retail Markets Expands MicroMarket Technology into Ireland


Troy, MI – August 7, 2017 – 365 Retail Markets is proud to announce the international expansion of their MicroMarket technology into Dublin, Ireland. The global leader in MicroMarket technology, 365 offers a best in class POS platform for the vending, foodservice, and hospitality industries.

As one of the first companies to begin manufacturing and selling MicroMarket technology in the United States, 365 Retail Markets has fundamentally transformed the way employees view the breakroom. A MicroMarket is a compact, self-service shop in a controlled location (such as an office) in place of a café or traditional vending, offering hundreds of fresh food and wellness items 24/7/365. This system includes open shelving and coolers for products, equipped with an electronic-checkout kiosk. Although a MicroMarket has the setup and feel of a small convenience store, it is autonomous like a vending machine.

As the tech-fluent millennial workforce continues to grow, the generational shift in the office comes with an overall paradigm adjustment. Integrated automation and accessibility to brand name wholesome snacks is expected. To keep employees engaged, companies must provide staff with resources that accommodate their lifestyle.

In response to the shifting workplace environment 365 Retail Markets has developed the 365 MicroMarket, which can be tailored to meet a company’s specifications. As the core of 365’s business, MicroMarkets are the most radical change in at-work foodservice in decades; increasing sales, customer service, and employee satisfaction, all while decreasing operating costs. The average MicroMarket processes 161 transactions per day, totaling $63,192 in annual revenue. Over the next 10 years, MicroMarkets are projected to generate $1.6 billion industry-wide.

“We are very happy to see the MicroMarket concept starting to grow in Europe. After launching our new software platform across the pond 18 months ago, the addition of locations in Ireland is a testament to our team’s hard work and our valued partners, Express Vending’s efforts in the UK,” said John Chidiac, President of 365 International. “We look forward to further growth in Europe with additional products and features in the years to come.”

After explosive success in the US, 365 launched their technology internationally in 2016 by opening their first MicroMarket with Express Vending in London, England. And now with the support of Express Vending, AVS member, Vending Automatic Ltd. has just launched their very first 365 Kiosk-powered MicroMarket in Ireland.

“Express Vending is the largest privately owned vending company in the UK and focuses on delivering high quality, modernized refreshment solutions into the workplace. We believe in pioneering technology and revolutionary products, which is why 365 Kiosk-powered MicroMarkets are such a natural fit for our brand.” Said Matt Sayers, Marketing Manager at Express Vending.

For more information on how 365 can boost your business, contact their UK partner, SV365 Technologies Ltd. at

About 365 Retail Markets

365 Retail Markets, a rapidly growing self-service technology company with offices in Metro Detroit, Santa Clara, and Provo, creates technology that connects people with products at work. The proprietary 365 technology provides a turnkey platform that allows customers to increase sales, improve the end-user experience, and increase profits while reducing operating costs!

For more information about 365 Retail Markets, visit You can also follow 365 Retail Markets on FacebookTwitterGoogle+YouTube and LinkedIn.

About Express Vending

Express Vending was founded in 1992 and serves customers across the UK and Ireland. The business has now reached an annual turnover in excess of £35 million, employing over 250 people. With two dedicated business teams for service and account management, Express Vending can respond to 99% of technical calls within 4 hours and proudly boast a 98% customer retention rate.

For more information about Express Vending, visit You can also follow Express Vending on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

Press Contact

Jen Tonio, 365 Retail Markets




My NAMA Fly In Diary – By Jen Tonio

I had the opportunity to attend the NAMA Fly In for the second year in a row. Many people ask what the experience is like and if it is worth going. I can’t express more how great of an experience it is and how much of an impact it has on our industry.

Here is a recap of my experience this year.

Monday, July 24, 2017

We decided to fly in a day early this year to get a jump on everything. After we checked into the Fairmont hotel and got settled in we met back in the lobby where we ran into quite a few other Fly In attendees. This gave us an opportunity to touch base with some key people and give us a little extra networking time before the next day’s events.


A great view of the Washington Monument while flying into D.C.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 – Day 1 of Fly-In

 8:00 AM – Breakfast & Run

After breakfast I took advantage of the weather and extra time I had and went for a run down by the Potomac River and through the National Mall. This was probably one of the best runs I’ve had in a while. You can’t beat those sights! There are some great trails around D.C. and I would love to try and organize a group run for next year’s Fly In.


Views from my morning run.

Views from my morning run.

3:00 pm – Education Session for Advanced Advocates

I joined other Fly In Veterans aka “Advanced Advocates” for our education session with Amy Showalter from the Showalter Group, Inc. Amy specializes in helping organizations advance their cause in the legislative process. She gave a great presentation on how we should tell our story for max impact. One key take-away or “Amyisms” is…

Amyism #47 – Government Relations and Narrative: “As influence agents, we must learn to think in story, talk in story, and present our arguments in a narrative form. Because story can persuade and inspire where reason and logic and argument fall flat. – Kelton Rhoads, PHD”

What does she mean by this? It is important to tell the story about your company and how you got started, the struggles you overcame and where you are today. Your story will help build an emotional response from those listening to you.


4:45 pm – Welcome Reception

The welcome reception opened with remarks from George Sifakis, Director of the Office of Public Liaison for the Whitehouse. Following his speech we had the opportunity to network with attendees before sitting down for dinner. I was happy to get together with fellow ELN members to chat and get a group pic. I was impressed by the amount of ELN members present at the Fly In and am excited to see what the future of our industry has in store for us.

ELN members

ELN members


6:00 pm- Dinner

Dinner began with a trophy presentation to the state with the most attendees – which was….Maryland. Congrats Maryland! I’m pushing for more attendees from Michigan next year! Following the trophy presentation, Carla Balakgie, NAMA, President & CEO and Eric Dell, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for NAMA, took the stage to thank everyone and go over a few key statistics surrounding advocacy in our industry and the NAMA Fly In. We were pleased to see that Michigan has lead the way with advocacy days this year with 35!


Rob Engstrom, Senior Vice President, Political Affairs and Federal Relations and National Political Director, U.S. Chamber of Commerce was our dinner speaker. He took the time to give the 300+ NAMA attendees some great political insight and explained the importance of advocacy and how impactful we are because of the size of our group. (Our group is one of the largest advocacy groups to come to D.C.)

Rob Engstrom from the US Chamber of Commerce speaking to all of the fly in attendees.

Rob Engstrom from the US Chamber of Commerce speaking to all of the fly in attendees.

8:30pm – Boat Tour

It was a perfect night for the boat tour along the Potomac River where we had spectacular views of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and Kennedy Center.

View of Lincoln Memorial & Washington Monument during the boat tour.

View of Lincoln Memorial & Washington Monument during the boat tour.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017 – Day 2 of the Fly In

7:00 AM – Buses depart

There were 5 buses that took the 300+ NAMA members to Capitol Hill.


Once everyone arrived we took a group picture and then pictures of each State group.

NAMA takes the hill.

NAMA takes the hill.

8:00 AM – 3:30 PM- Meetings with members of the Senate and House

We had 7 meetings lined up with Senators and House Representatives from Michigan but the first meeting wasn’t until 10:00 am so our group headed over to the Hart building to have breakfast in the cafeteria there.


Since there was a lot going on in D.C. that week we were honored to still get to meet with staff from the offices of Sen. Debbie Stabenow, Rep. Fred Upton, Rep. Justin Amash, Rep. Brenda Lawrence and Rep. Bill Huizenga. We were very pleased to get to meet with Rep. Paul Mitchell himself and had a great meeting discussing the issues while he was on recess from House meetings. We also got to meet with our friend Rep. Dave Trott , who as a result of one of the previous NAMA Fly In events, has visited our headquarters in Troy, MI.

From left to right, Jeff Smith - All Star, Devin Smith - All Star, Mike Knowlton- Kellogg, Rep. Paul Mitchell, Brittany Westerman - 365, and Jen Tonio- 365

From left to right, Jeff Smith – All Star, Devin Smith – All Star, Mike Knowlton- Kellogg, Rep. Paul Mitchell, Brittany Westerman – 365, and Jen Tonio- 365


From left to right – Reese Hessling -365, Joe Hessling-365, Rep. Dave Trott, Brittany Westerman – 365, Alex Hawkins- 365

Our group representing NAMA from Michigan was very diverse which gave us an advantage while talking with members of Congress. Beyond the 6 of us from 365, we had father and son team -Jeff & Devin Smith from All Star Services, Inc. who had a great story to tell for small business tax reform and the estate tax. Also part of our team was Mike Knowlton from Kellogg who could speak directly about front of package labeling. This is one of the great things about the Fly-In, coming together with fellow NAMA members to lobby for issues related to our industry and build relationships with Operators, Manufacturers and Suppliers.


12:00 PM – Convenience Service Industry Event

In between meeting we joined fellow industry advocates, Congressmen/Congresswomen and staff for lunch, networking and packing backpacks for military families with Operation Homefront.


The 365 nanomarket displayed at the Connivence Services Event.


3:30pm- Bus ride back to hotel

At this time I loaded up on the bus with the last group and headed back to the hotel before catching my flight. Since I had an earlier flight I wasn’t able to make the post event happy hour but I will be sure to make it next year. Each of the networking events were great opportunities to get to know everyone who was there. It’s a completely different feel than tradeshow networking events since everyone is there for the same purpose so all of the conversations we have are very beneficial.


The NAMA team did an amazing job putting everything together from the education sessions, to the networking events and of course scheduling all of the meetings with our state representatives. This is a great experience and I highly recommend it to everyone in our industry. Let’s fly in an even larger group next year!


A Glimpse into Internet Connectivity + 5 Troubleshooting Tips

As featured in the June Edition – Micro Market News from

One of the biggest selling points of MicroMarkets is having the ability to serve fresh food and beverages to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, having a kiosk with a weak Internet connection or that goes offline completely is bad for business. Devices like the OptConnect Neo cellular router help you to have a stable connection and limit downtime and subsequent loss of revenue. The addition of a diagnostic tool like the OptConnect Glimpse exclusively supported by 365 Retail Markets offers operators an exclusive, visual insights into the Neo’s network performance in real-time.

Image uploaded from iOS (13)Glimpse is a simple but extremely powerful tool that very clearly tells you the status of your Internet connection. It will tell you:

• the strength of the signal

• the signal quality

• the signal speed and

a multitude of other metrics that will aid our 24/7 Support team in diagnosing and solving your connectivity issues.

In the future, Glimpse will also host a collection of tutorials, empowering you to troubleshoot connectivity issues on your own without having to call Support.


However, if you find yourself having connection issues now, there are a few things that you can do to improve your connection and get your market back up and running.


images_AdjustYourAntenna-01Adjust your antenna.

Improving your connection could be as simple as adjusting your antenna. It is recommended that the antennas should be placed up high on a magnetic surface, vertically and about six inches apart for optimal connection. Also, keep in mind that because the connection is cellular, the best place for your modem may not be near the kiosk. In that case, a longer cable would be necessary.


images_AM_ports-05Check your ports.

Aside from the antenna placement, be sure to check all of your ports to ensure that everything is plugged in. It sounds simple, but sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that solve complex problems.




images_PlugItIntoaLaptop-03Reboot your modem.

When in doubt, turn it off and turn it back on. Sometimes a good reset is all you need.





images_ReboottheDevice-02Plug the modem into a laptop.

If the laptop is able to get a connection, then you know that the modem isn’t the problem.





images_AM_shutdown-04Bring out the big guns.

• Shut down both the modem and the kiosk.

• Power on the modem – wait about one and half minutes

• Power on the router in the kiosk.

We’ve found that following these steps almost always restores the Internet connection.


Troubleshooting Internet connectivity issues shouldn’t have to be a shot in the dark. 365 is giving you a visual “Glimpse” into your Internet connection.

Cellular Connectivity for Micro Markets. Watch this video!

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Accent Food Service’s Josh Rosenberg Talks Big Data

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