Engaging Customers and Increasing Market Penetration


Did you know that the market penetration for the average MicroMarket (i.e. number of people at a location that actually use it to make purchases) hovers right around 40%? While that might be better than the performance of traditional vending, there’s still a huge opportunity to leverage data and utilize proven tactics to reach the remaining 60%. We would like to share some strategies that we’ve seen work in the field as well as some ideas of our own that can help you serve your customers in a more efficient manner. Additionally, there are some tips for encouraging those who are unfamiliar with the MicroMarket concept to give it a try.

EatWave: Fresh Meal Vending

EatWave5000 (hi-res)

EatWave is a brand-new, automated vending machine that conveniently serves fresh hot meals while also offering a variety of chilled beverages and snacks. In fact, EatWave is the only vending machine with the dual capability of vending hot meals as well as traditional cold drinks and snacks.

That’s right, this new vending technology prepares fresh and convenient meals wherever people work, live or play. The patent pending design uses gravity and a few other moving parts to deliver a quick and innovative vending experience that prepares a delicious meal in one minute or less. So whether you are craving a hot cheeseburger with a cola, or a healthy wrap with a bottled water; EatWave has your lunch covered.

Now is the perfect time to join the EatWave movement, because when you contact the professionals at EatWave after being referred by 365 Retail Markets you will receive 5% off of your purchase. This deal is more monumental than anyone else could offer, and is a special thank you to the 365 operators for their extended loyalty and support.

For more info please contact Danny Parker at Eatwave | 626-791-8101


Gen3 / Gen3c Kiosk Router Maintenance

Kiosk-RouterThroughout the lifetime of a Gen3 / Gen3c Kiosk, as an operator, the need to gain access to the various Kiosk components might arise – with the Kiosk Router being one of those components. Having the ability to properly access and maintain the Router located to the rear of a Gen3 / Gen3c Kiosk is vital to it’s long-term sustainability. Whether you’re simply plugging in a USB keyboard while working with our Support team or need to know how to comply with PCI standards after accessing the router, the video tutorial we put together will help clarify any questions you might have or serve as an available resource whenever needed.

The 365 Webstore!


Did you know that receipt paper is the number-one selling item in our 365 Webstore?

In our Webstore, you can purchase all of your 365 MicroMarket needs in one, convenient location! You can purchase receipt paper, temperature sensors, line conditioners and much more. Click this link to visit our Webstore and create a more efficient MicroMarket today!


How To Run The Cash In Report On A 365 Kiosk

cash1_1The Cash In Report is the report that is run prior to withdrawing physical currency from a Kiosk. This report is an important part of managing a 365 MicroMarket as it tracks the money which has been deposited into a Kiosk. Additionally, it is a security feature for operators by ensuring accurate accounting whenever money is removed from the Kiosk by a third party. An operator can run this report directly from the Kiosk and it will give a breakdown by denomination of the total currency intake for a given reporting period.

Nine Ways To Maximize Profitability In A MicroMarket

joe-talk-1Joe Hessling, CEO of 365, spoke at the 2014 NAMA OneShow along with other MicroMarket professionals on maximizing MicroMarket profitability. While we’ve already put together a list of our own tips to leverage existing users for additional profits, there were plenty of other excellent resources and opinions shared at the show that can have an immediate impact with virtually any MicroMarket. took the most notable strategies that were mentioned at the show and compiled a list of the nine most significant strategies to help operators increase their sales within their locations:

365 Retail Markets Enters Partnership with 5-hour Energy


Give your next Kiosk purchase a boost with a new promotional partnership between 5-hour Energy and 365 Retail Markets!

rack365 and 5-hour Energy have teamed up to energize your MicroMarket with a complimentary 5-hour rack and product. Included in this promotional package is your choice of a 2-tier rack, 3-tier rack or cooler door and 2-3 cases of 5-hour Energy Drinks, with the purchase of a 365 Kiosk.

“5-hour Energy is the #1 Energy Shot with a 91% Market Share and over 1 million bottles sold each day which contains no sugar and no herbal stimulants.” Keith Kolodziej, Eastern Region Manager of Foodservice & Vending at 5-hour Energy, said. “5-Hour Energy is a Vitamin B shot with less caffeine than the leading brand of coffee – providing increased sales averaging between $1.50 – $2.00 at a $3.50 retail and is a 100% incremental impulse purchase.”

6 Tips to Increase MicroMarket Profits

moneyOver the past six years, we here at 365 have learned a lot about delivering an amazing product and how to optimize a location for both profit and customer satisfaction. Joe Hessling, Founder & CEO here at 365, gave a seminar at the 2014 NAMA OneShow on maximizing MicroMarket profits, and we wanted to highlight some of the key points made during his talk.