Gen3 Kiosk

The workhouse of the modern day micro market and is the best option for those locations that prefer cashless only. This versatile kiosk is a stylish, purpose-built innovation that offers best-in-class self-checkout technology.

You can find this international bestselling kiosk in a variety of different types of businesses:

  • Best-in-class versatile kiosk
  • Cashless payments made easy with fingerprint reader, end-to-end encrypted card reader or scanning of GMA account via365Pay App
  • Customizable space and category buttons
  • And more!

What other countries is this available in?

Gen3c Kiosk

365’s award-winning Gen3c Kiosk is designed exclusively for micro markets and is used around the world.

Developed for an intuitive customer experience and fast operator servicing, the Gen3c kiosk can be configured to either accept cash or become completely cashless thanks to its modular design.

  • Award-winning versatile kiosk
  • Expansion unit option to accept cash and receipts
  • Intuitive customer experience

What other countries is this available in?

Gen3c Kiosk for MicroMarkets and Self-Checkout Technology


The 2018 Automatic Merchandiser’s Readers’ Choice New Product of the Year— 365 NanoMarket™ is a modern, tablet-based device for your smaller locations or can be used as another checkout point at your larger locations.

The built-in 2D barcode scanner allows consumers to scan products and utilize 365’s payment app: 365Pay.

The NanoMarket™ quickly and easily mounts to a countertop and offers both cellular and hardline connectivity, making installation a piece of cake!

  • Additional convenience touch point in your markets
  • Provide convenience to your smaller markets
  • Lower cost than traditional micro markets


High-tech coolers unlocking opportunities and freshening up semi-public areas.

Everyone is constantly on the go and convenience technologies in places where we need them the most has become mandatory in this new decade.

PicoCooler provides operators with the opportunity to grow into semi-public areas, such as hotels and malls, and provides them with controlled cooler access— reducing theft and offering a worry-free cooler with temperature control.

Take a fresh look at the possibilities and receive next-level results with the PicoCooler.

Gen3c Kiosk for MicroMarkets and Self-Checkout Technology
MicroMarkets Please!