Innovation: Brent Mouritsen for being open minded, predicting events and being adventurous in code, food and life.

Collaboration: Paul Mergel has a done a great job of leading numerous projects all while collaborating with many teams. He already has an extensive knowledge of the 365 product line and is always willing to help where he can.

Accountability: Garrett Faught deserves the A mug. You can always count on him to get his work done, even if it means staying late or coming in early.

Service: Tony Ranella goes out of his way to keep the RMA process moving along in production; any time we ask for help, he makes us a priority and works with me to implement changes so that it’s not a problem in the future. He goes above and beyond what is asked of him every time. Thanks so much Tony! 

Happiness: Kristina Delgado deserves the Happiness mug, because despite some stressful life stuff going on is always smiling and making the best of everything. It’s always a pleasure to chat with her!

November Anniversaries

1 Year

Richard Schultz

Thaddeus Crockett

Mary Schuster

Chris Andrick

2 Years

Adam Maier

Andrew Burland

Tim Converse

Courtney Redman

Stephen Rutkowski

3 Years

 Arron Roscoe

Jason Halstead

4 Years

Dennis Yee

5 Years

Vanessa Podlaskowski

From left to right: Andrew Burland, Arron Roscoe, Adam Maier, Vanessa Podlaskowski and Mary Schuster

From left to right: Dennis Yee, Tim Converse, Stephen Rutkowski and Courtney Redman