October iCASH Winners and Anniversary Ninjas

September iCASH winners Tim, Jeff, Rebecca, Justin and Sarah have passed the mugs on to…

Innovation –  Whether it be creating automated scripts for testing or his ability to identify defects, Arron Roscoe has been a big reason why our software continues to get better.

Collaboration – Brett Hansen came through in a big way to find a permanent solution when production had a mishap with Activeon.

Accountability – Sujata Wani has been an integral part of the Verii technology team over the last couple of months. She has spent days thoroughly testing every aspect of Verii’s ecosystem and we truly appreciate all of her time, attention and dedication to Verii!

Service –  Mary Ellen has been a big help during the construction projects whether it was answering my questions, picking up more supplies or lending a helping hand in finishing the network connections.

Happiness – Mallory Rajter always has a smile on her face and willing to help out in any way possible!

October Anniversaries

October Anniversaries

1 Year
Reed Bingaman (bottom left) – CFO

3 Years

Stacey Pelletier (not pictured) – Finance

Stefano Ferri (bottom right) – Fulfillment

4 Years

Angela Forge (top left) – Director of Operations

Lisa Johnson (top right) – ReadyTouch

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