Now-a-days, we are focused on getting what we need quickly so we can get back to what matters to us: family, hobbies, pets, vacation, binge-watching on Netflix, etc. By extension, we’re also rethinking what it means to be employed; how much time do we spend in the office or traveling to and from work. As employees, we are demanding the flexibility to work more efficiently. We’re embracing flexible work arrangements to attract and retain top talent, on top of the other perks and benefits including fresh foods. 

Some employees with flexible work schedules may work remotely most of the time and pop in the office a few times a week for meetings. These employees are always on the move. They are rarely in the office during meal times (breakfast and lunch) meaning you can’t count on them to sit down and eat a full salad or sandwich. They are most likely rushing in for a meeting and running back out and are looking for foods they can eat on the go. It’s important to provide a flexible working breakroom. Here are a few reasons why micro markets are for today’s flexible workers:  

On-the-Go Servings 

Stocking single-serve beverages, protein bars and fresh fruits will appeal to those workers who need to refuel but don’t have time to stop for a full meal. 

Cashless Payment Options 

Quick and easy payments are why micro markets work in a flexible work environment. They’ll allow you to capture the sales you could’ve missed with a traditional, cash-only vending machine. Making purchases in a micro market is meant to be intuitive and quick. By encouraging employees to set up their market account early on, they’ll be able to make purchases on the fly.  

Open 24-7 

Micro markets are open 24/7/365, making them perfect for early risers, who like to get to work before normal business hours and those who prefer to work in the evenings, after traditional business hours. Micro markets are also beneficial for companies that have multiple shifts and still need to provide fresh foods. 

Micro markets are the perfect companion for grab-and-go lifestyles and workforces. The variety of products that are available, easy checkout and 24/7 store hours make it an invaluable addition to locations that encourage flexible work arrangements as an employee benefit.  

For more on maximizing your locations with flexible work arrangements, checkout this article on managing inventory for flexible workplaces. 

Creating Micro Market Experiences

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