The 365 PicoMarket

An innovative compact, countertop self-service kiosk

Bring self-service innovation to your smaller locations

Easily expand your customers’ grab-and-go checkout experiences anywhere with this small, versatile kiosk that helps you capitalize on new account opportunities.

Space Saving Design

Boost ROI in smaller accounts. PicoMarket is a compact solution that will fit anywhere you want to add unattended retail. Developed from the power and functionality of the V5 kiosk, the innovative 365 PicoMarket connects consumers to marketplace environments, regardless of industry or office size.

Add Scale For Large Organizations

Increase revenues at larger locations by adding PicoMarket as a secondary checkout option. Ideal for scaling 150+ employee environments, additions of 365 PicoMarket to existing micro markets increases employee checkout speeds.

Compatible with Optional Bill Acceptor

Let your customers pay how they want. PicoMarket+ integrates self-service cash payment capability into a versatile, advanced self-service technology. PicoMarket+ accepts both cash and cashless payments like credit, debit, mobile payment, 365Pay and more.

Quick and Easy Installation

It’s easy to get started with PicoMarket. The smaller size leads to rapid deployment. Plus, the hardware integrates effortlessly with 365’s V5 kiosks and 365Dining solutions. Affordable start up costs make it easy to put a micro market in smaller, outside-the-box locations.

Customize your 365Dining Kiosk to provide an enhanced dining experience for both consumers and operators.

Customize your 365Dining Kiosk to provide an enhanced dining experience for both consumers and operators.

A Full Checkout Solution in a Smaller Package

PicoMarket is a powerful self-checkout solution that maximizes your ROI in smaller or non-traditional locations. Capitalize on smaller breakrooms without sacrificing functionality.

Easy Management Tools

Utilize 365’s ADM management software as a single source for insights and oversight of your market’s performance. Monitor product inventory levels, view sales recommendations, and monitor uptime to get the most out of your PicoMarket placement.

The Support You Need, When You Need It

We’ll help you get up and running with PicoMarket smoothly. From onboarding to training and troubleshooting, our 24/7 support team is here to help you run a reliable and profitable micro market.

Get a full micro market solution in a smaller package