What does a global leader in self-service technology mean to you? Does it mean providing you with multiple solutions and a range of technologies? Support and resolutions across the globe? Offers 24/7 365 support hours for you and your locations?

Some companies in the industry say they are global leaders, but that’s not the case. Compare your provider’s offerings with 365 Retail Markets and you will see why we truly are the proven self-service world leaders.

At 365, we don’t limit ourselves, so we don’t limit you. We provide you with the widest variety of self-pay, MicroMarkets, dining, vending, and OCS solutions on the market and a personalized partnership that caters to you and your business goals and more!

No one else in the industry provides you with the resources, support, industry experts, multi-award-winning technologies and team, tools, personalization, and partnership. 

Today, let us dig deeper into some things that those other guys don’t provide you. Learn more about 365’s 24/7/365 global support, personalized training, and in-house developers. 

24/7/365 Global Support 

Your business never closes and neither does 365. Our global Customer Support team is available 24/7 in all time zones to address outages, setup questions, technical issues, or any other matters that may arise. We answer your calls and resolve your challenges quickly so that you can keep your site running smoothly.

The other guys: make sure any issues you have at your locations happen between their limited support hours. Not very accommodating and understanding to you and your locations, are they?

Personalized Training 

You’re not like any other foodservice business out there, so why receive the same training the other operators receive? We have a team of dedicated trainers who cater to 365 technology training, tools, and resources to you when you need it.

The other guys: They might provide you with the technology and send you on your way. Training isn’t important to them, and they might not see the importance of educating you. Why wouldn’t you want the resources, tools, and training that caters to you and helps you grow even more?

In-house Developers 

365 Retail Markets creates, tests, and implements all our innovative solutions within 365. We pride ourselves on being true self-service innovators. Our development team is filled with experts from all areas of innovation.

The other guys: Their self-service technologies might be developed by people who don’t understand the industry, they don’t create with you in mind and we do!


365 continues to revolutionize the foodservice industry worldwide and stands out amongst the competitors. Be in the know of how 365 continues to give you more and how the other compare.