September iCASH Winners and Anniversaries

August’s iCASH winners

Tyler, Alvita, Jeff G., Mallory, and Michelle have passed the mugs on to…

Innovation –  Tim Smith has developed a new process for handling calls by redesigning the call flow within LiveOps for the Fulfillment team which adds a ton of functionality and resources, similar to what support has.

Collaboration – Jeff Horstman for her never-ending positive attitude, and willingness to help research difficult issues.

Accountability – Rebecca Sibole is fun to work with and when I (Jeff G.) started working on the Verii team, she made the process smooth and simple.  Only through accountability can we develop an environment that lets us trust each other unconditionally. Thanks for all you do Rebecca!

Service –  Justin Palazzolo has been quick to respond  and find solutions whenever Special Projects has an issue, whether it be wifi, ethernet cords or even emails.

Happiness – Sarah Jasmen has displayed a positive attitude and willingness to learn since joining our team.

September Anniversaries

1 Year

Rick Wibel – Sales

Jeffrey Kirchoff (pictured) – Support

2 Years

Colleen Wisinski (pictured) – Finance

Tony Ranella – Support

8 Years

Darin Shintani – ReadyTouch

Mason Warner – ReadyTouch

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