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We are always working to bring more efficiencies and value to our partners! One new feature we are excited to launch this year is the new 365 Outage Communications Status Page. Moving forward, we will be using our new status page to keep you informed and up to date during outages and scheduled maintenances. This page will serve as the main communication tool if we are having any system upgrades or issues.

Initially our communications team will send out an email alerting you to an outage or maintenance and then from there we ask that you check for status changes on our page. Check out the documentation within the HelpCenter for more info. If you have any questions, please reach out to your 365 Rep. We are very enthusiastic about bringing new and enhanced ways to communicate to you and your teams.


Royal ReFresh

Future Forward

365 Retail Markets operator Royal ReFresh looks to micromarkets and name rebrand to fuel growl and improve quality.

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Selecta Unattended Retail

‘It’s About Being Great Distributors of Great Food and Drink’

Paul Hearne, Selecta MD, discusses new opportunities for the vending industry and describes how – and why – the culture of Selecta has been completely re-imagined from the top, down; in a two-part Planet Vending special feature.

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OnetaCo Vending Technology

Canteen Finds Success By Deploying Cutting-Edge MicroMarket Technology

“We’re using 365 Retail Markets exclusively,” Williams said. “Anything they put out is cutting edge.”

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2021 Foodservice Trends

Following what was arguably a tough year for almost every industry and consumer, new trends were bound to be adopted as we continue to move forward into the new decade. Last year, we saw the rise of cashless and touchless payments, centering new trends around this mindset. But what else can the foodservice industry expect moving forward in 2021?

Consumer buying habits for the foodservice industry


Over the past twenty years, the expansion of the internet opened the doors to new consumer buying habits. From online purchasing to mobile ordering, the internet altered the way customers consume.

With the pandemic, businesses were forced to make changes, and according to a survey from Accenture, 88% of consumers found some experiences forced by the pandemic to be more convenient, like curbside pickup and contactless options.

So, what does that mean for the foodservice industry? Unattended retail and self-service options are the major change in buyer habits for 2021.

Technology trends for the foodservice industry


Technology is at the heart of unattended retail and self-service options. It’s what allows consumers to purchase items without the need of interacting, which is nothing new to micromarket and vending operators. What is new is the expansion of this field?
Vending machine technology has rapidly evolved over the past couple years, with both touchless vending options, and new purchasing equipment. The Washington Post quoted, NAMA’s CEO Carla Balakgie saying,

“It’s touchless, it’s considered safe, and it’s prepackaged so products haven’t been fondled and breathed on,” she said. “And technology has made it even safer: Some machines have a hover feature so you don’t have to touch the buttons and you can use an app on your phone or use mobile ordering.”

Offering touchless technology is the big game changer for 2021. Even this article from Forbes touts the boom in touchless technology, though the author, Laura Heller, argues that setting up such technology “is quite complicated and costly.”

In our industry, we know this truth—that touchless technology and contactless pay are real, attainable, and affordable solutions for many stores. Throughout this next year, our industry will continue to expand even as the vaccine rolls out, and the world returns to normal.

2021 foodservice trends


How can you talk about 2021 Foodservice trends without the food? One emerging trend out of 2020 was the impact of mental health on food choices. Brands pivoted to cater to their customers’ needs and offered solutions centered around wellness and relaxation.

It’s no surprise that hunkering down for a year affected mental health of many, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that as people emerge from their houses, they’re willing to splurge on dining experiences. On the other hand, many are recovering from jobless and can’t afford the same luxuries as well-off consumers. We expect a divide between the two to widen as we venture further into the year.

As workers head back into the office, one food trend adopted during quarantine won’t be going away—epic breakfast every day. Micromarket operators should anticipate an uptick in breakfast items sold at their markets. Items like açai bowls and chorizo burritos had a large growth in sales, while hard-boiled eggs were one of the most popular items sold in micromarkets in 2020.

If you’re looking for new breakfast options to incorporate into your operations, 28% of people surveyed by the International Food Information Council in June 2020 are eating more plant-based proteins than they did previously.

Moving forward into 2021, micromarket operators and vending operators should keep these foodservice trends in mind as workers return to the workplace. If you need help expanding your touchless technology or contactless pay options, reach out to us at 365 Retail Markets!

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