Can you do us a favor? Think of your favorite everyday technology. What comes to mind? Is it your smartphone? GPS? Amazon Alexa? Fitness Tracker? You may like these products because they make life easier, more efficient, improve it for the better, and/or you’re able to get things done faster. At the end of the day, your favorite technology impacts your life in a positive way.

Now, imagine this: your favorite technology performs an update that makes it even better! These improvements allow you to do things easier, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. This update may even bring you new opportunities and make the product more enjoyable to use. You now have new features, better ways of getting things done, more flexibility, an enhanced user experience, and more. With these improvements, it is clear that many companies today are making every aspect of our lives easier through innovative technology.

Micro Market with Fresh Food

Just like your favorite technology, our micro market platform recently had an upgrade and just got better! Our platform update— v5— provides you and your consumers with new features, experiences, and enhancements. We like to think that it looks pretty snazzy, too! We’ve incorporated years of feedback and refinement and we’re pretty excited about the improvements that the new platform provides.

Here are a few things that you and consumers will enjoy:

Enhanced Security

First things first, the new v5 platform provides enhanced security. You can now enjoy quicker transactions, detailed reporting, enhanced data security, and the luxury of multiple payment methods. The new update operates on our new VPN (Virtual Private Network) and E2EE (End-to-End Encryption) infrastructures, which helps prevent data breaches and more.

365Pay App for Micro MarketsIntuitive Consumer Experience

We’ve also improved the consumer experience, which lets everyone get back to what matters. You and your consumers can now enjoy the convenience of one Global Management Account (GMA)-enabled platform that provides simple account management, new on-screen animations, option for unlimited buttons, easy-to-use layered menus, and a faster way to check out by using the secure 365Pay mobile app. 

As an operator, you can offer consumers multiple ways to check out on the new v5 platform, going cashless is the way of the world today and of the future. Auto-funding via the 365Pay mobile app provides you with ways to save. Successful operators have adopted cashless payment methods into their markets to mitigate per swipe credit card fees. Stored value accounts save YOU money and are a fast and convenient way to make purchases in the market.

Commercial and Promotions Enhancements

You’ll also benefit from the commercial and promotions enhancements on the NEW v5 platform. On-screen dynamic advertising space is now available on the idle screen and you’re now able to upload and manage images at your convenience.

Robust Back End SystemMicro Market Product Solutions

In addition to front end enhancements, we also took our back end system to the next level. Our new robust ADM back end system provides you with even more control. Stay tuned for next month’s blog where you’ll learn more about ADM and how you can manage your business, your way, on your time.

From your everyday personal technologies to workplace micro market platforms, it is evident that technology upgrades focus on improving the way we use them and enhance our lives in ways that we didn’t know were possible.

Ready to implement your next level micro market?