Top 10 MicroMarket Snacks & Drinks

Top 10 MicroMarket Snacks & Drinks

Do you know what the highest selling products in your MicroMarket are? We've compiled the Top Ten Snacks and Beverages across every 365 MicroMarket during 2013. Curious to see where your favorite snack ranked?

MicroMarket Top10 Snacks

Want to know what your MicroMarket's Top Ten products are? It's simple... 365 SmartHQ, our web-based administration tool for managing your MicroMarket, allows you to increase sales and provide better customer service by allowing you to view customer transactions, ultimately giving you a better understanding of what your customers want to purchase.

Other benefits of SmartHQ include, viewing detailed sales information and financial reports, modify item pricing and adjust inventory information, run a pick-list and view inventory levels, view customer info, as well as machine health, level logs, and alerts.

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  1. How many kiosks were included in the survey and what is their geographic dispersion?

  2. Hi Mike, How are you doing? This information was pulled from all of our kiosks throughout the U.S. Please feel free to contact us directly for infographic specifics.

  3. Jeffrey Sutton

    How about the same list with the top 10 most profitable items.

  4. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for the input, be on the lookout for that infographic in the future!

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