Get to know why you might be seeing charges on your bank statement from us.

$1.50, $2.25, $4.00…

Multiple charges show up on your bank statement with “365 Retail Markets, Troy MI” or “365 Market”  as the merchant. You rack your brain for a good 60-seconds, asking yourself questions like, “when did I travel to Michigan?”, “who the __ is 365 Retail Markets”, “who stole my card? I bet it was that sassy Sally from the bar last weekend.”

Before you get too heated, hire a private investigator, write a bad review, flip over your desk, and dispute those charges, get to know why you might be seeing these charges from us.

365 Retail Markets is your self-service convenience technology provider.

Can we finally clear the air on this? 365 Retail Markets only provides the self-service checkout technologies. So, you know that cool micro market, vending machine, or cafeteria that’s in your breakroom? Those innovative technologies that you’re using to checkout at are mostly likely ours.

What does that mean to you? The overall setup, stocking, and maintenance of your food and beverages are from your local vending operator. Your operator partnered with 365 Retail Markets to bring you innovative self-service technologies that connect you to those tasty bites and sips.

Who is 365 Retail Markets? Product Line

When you checkout and pay for your items, you are using 365 technologies, so your purchases are processed by us. That means you’ll see our name on your bank statement. Following me?

Get familiar with what our technologies look like:

Here are a few ways that you might be paying, which is why you see us on your statements:

365Pay App— The 365 Retail Markets micro market payment app that you use to make purchases with, add funds to, and reap rewards on, yep, you guessed it, that is 365 Retail Markets technology. Additionally, to the 365Pay app, we also run our technology on the Connect&Pay and Social Feedia apps. If you utilize these apps, you will see charges from 365 Retail Markets on your bank statements.

Who is 365 Retail Markets? Where can you find 365 technologies?

Credit/Debit Card— Swipe, tap, insert. No matter how you use your card at any of our 365 technologies those purchases are processed by your favorite convenience technology provider, (right?) 365 Retail Markets.

Fingerprint Reader— You might have programed your thumb and/or fingerprint on our kiosks when they were first implemented in your breakroom, so you can quickly checkout without anything other than your own hand.

Also, another great feature of the fingerprint reader; if you use our apps to manage your account and setup auto-funding, using your fingerprint at the kiosk may take your balance low enough to trigger an auto-funding to happen. So, when you use our fingerprint reader, those purchases can also be tied to your bank account or credit/debit card, just like how you set it up.

No need to panic though! You can always re-open the app and turn off auto-funding at any time. (Phew!)

We get it. It’s confusing, right? You just want a quick bite to eat while you’re on break. Then when you check your bank balance online, you instantly see our name saying hello. Instant confusion takes over your mind and that fresh sandwich from your micro market that you had for lunch might not be settling right…but no need to worry, 365 Retail Markets is legit!

I hope this blog entry puts you at ease and ends the confusion of who the %^&* 365 Retail Markets is on your bank statements.

Still have concerns? Do you need some more clarification?

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About 365 Retail Markets

Over the past decade, 365 Retail Markets has grown quickly, efficiently and enthusiastically to become the global leader in self-service convenience technologies. We work with the top Foodservice operators around the world helping to facilitate their success and meet consumers snacking and meal needs.

Our combination of micro market, vending, mobile and dining technologies creates a cutting-edge point-of-service platform for any type of business or location. Every 365 strategic partnership includes unique technology solutions, marketing and engagement services as well as a dedicated, experienced team that caters to each and every operator’s business.

We strive to not only continue to be the market leader, but your trusted partner. It is our mission to continue revolutionizing the foodservice industry and propel it into the next decade.

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